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Thread: Do you answer a knock on your door with a gun in your hand?

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    Always unless I know someone is coming over to visit!!!!!! In Detroit is best because it gets pretty ugly fast around these parts!!!!!!

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    We live in an apartment building first floor with neighabors that LOVE to party on the weekends. So I have a formula for opening the door with a gun. Time of Day+Activity Outside=How To Answer. 1pm knock, someone I don't know, door chained open ask what they need. 1am knock, yell "Who the ******* is It?" or "What the ******* Do You Want", Rack the Mossberg, await answer. Only had one problem, and that was when a Preacher knocked my door on a Friday night at Midnight. I apologized to the man, he was very nice and completely understanding said he lost track of the time, we talked and, kind of surprising, I made a sale $20,000 annual sale (I'm an Assistant General Manager at a hotel and he now sends 1-2 preachers a month to the hotel to stay paid for by the church)

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    Absolutely I do. Most times though, it is in my pocket.

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    Most of the time, I have in hand behind the door or in the small of the back, especially at night. Couple of years ago during the Super Bowl, we had someone knock on the door. Who the heck is knocking on the door during the Super Bowl. Weren't expecting anyone else over. We live in a pretty decent area. Ruger P85 in hand, looking through the peep hole and got 2 guys dressed in ties trying to sell religion. Go away. But you never really know who's on the other side. Better to be safe than sorry.

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    Yes, maybe, sometimes, not really. I have a theory, if someone wants you dead, you are dead; second theory, if someone wants you dead and they screw up and fail, pay back is a mother; third theory, I'm from Arizona and everyone in Arizona is considered to be carrying a firearm. Last but not least, anyone who is anybody that has known me, knows I do not take prisoners, but I will give them one chance to walk away.
    The Second Amendment is not about Hunting!!
    When the Government is afraid of of it's People, This LIBERTY
    When the People are afraid of the government, That is TYRANNY

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grognard Gunny View Post
    Aw hell, meant to post my above in the ongoing "sheepdog" tournament.

    Hehehe, I was wondering where that post came from, kind of a propos of nothing. ;-)

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    Before I can get to the door to answer it, there is 270 pounds of South African Boerboel already there and raising hell. Not one dog but two, a male and female. Backing them up are two other dogs, combined weight of 50 pounds. The big ones take down and crush, the little ones eat the achilles tendons. I don't answer the door with a gun, but there is never one far away. If they attempt to get through the dogs, I will have time to walk about 10 steps to my pistol or a few more to a selection of whatever I want to use.

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