Do you answer a knock on your door with a gun in your hand?
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Thread: Do you answer a knock on your door with a gun in your hand?

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  3. Wheelman327

    Yes and thats after looking through a custom peep hole, and usually the gun is behind my thigh or held elsewhere. In the past I've had a shotgun mounted on the back of the door(lived in a BAD neighborhood.

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    Not always. My house where I was living got broken into by the criminal kicking in the front door. After that I installed a high security glass storm door with a steel frame, windshield glass and 3 deadbolt locking system and 3" screws into the door frame. I didn't have a peep hole, because with the security storm door that would have to be pulled open against the 3 deadbolt locks I felt it was safe enough to open the inner door enough to see who was there.

    About 2 months later at 11:30 at night my doorbell rang. I answered the door with the gun in my hand. Turned out it was the police, with a marked car out front warning people in the neighborhood about car robberies. I said, just a minute, closed the door, put the gun on the kitchen counter (which was right next to the entrywy).
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  5. As a general rule I don't open the door if someone knocks. It's unlikely to be anyone I want to talk to. Everyone I know knows to text or call 1st.

    If I feel I should check it out: I go to the bedroom window. I can't see them at the door from there but I'll see them in the drive as they go to leave. If it's someone I want to talk to I can always open the window.

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    Although we haven't had a cop come to the door in quite some time I THINK that a good procedure would be to
    1. ask who is at the door
    2. person says "Police"
    3. reply just one moment while I verify that
    4. call "911" and ask if there is a police dispatch to this address.

    I would think that a real cop would not mind the delay while you verify whereas a bad guy is going to take off. (Unless of course if the cops are serving a warrant in which case they are going to bust down the door anyway :)
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    I live at the back of a cul-de-sac which is very dark at night. I always answer the door with my gun in hand but behind my leg. Home invasions are starting to be the thing around here and I don't want to be a victim. I have windows on either side of my door and can generally see who is there but I still want to be prepared for the unexpected.

  8. We're moving to Houston when school's out. I don't know what neighborhood we'll end up in, so it's hard to say for sure, but...

    If there's a knock at an unusally late hour, I'm sure I'll have a gun with me.


  9. Well, no one has knocked at my door for a long time since I hear them coming and meet them at the door or outside the door. Yes, I have done this while holding a handgun out of sight. As you may have guessed, I don't live in town.

  10. Wow... I'm not sure how I would handle a situation where the "Police" are attempting to gain forced entry into my home after I open the door.
    I rarely ever answer the door armed unless warranted, but arms are rarely far in my world.

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    We're at the top of a hill with a clear line of sight at the end of a 1/2 mile long driveway. Also have a bunch of cattle dogs that can hear a frog fart and are sure to let you know if it does. No one comes to the house "unannounced" even if they try. So no, one one comes unannounced to make it to the door to knock before we know they are there, LOL.
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