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Thread: Hiding Guns

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    Supplies we all need: 2 screw eyes. Roll of picture cord. 1 hand grenade.
    You do the math....LMAO

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    Put a handgun in an empty cereal box and fill with Styrofoam peanuts..just make sure it is a brand that is so terrible that starving people would say "I'll pass". Now you have a loaded gun in the cupboard and only you know it. good times...good times

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    A small revolver or semi auto in the pocket of an old coat hanging in the closet is another good hidey hole.

    mount a strong magnet under a large heavy desk or library type table or inside some shelves with doors and you have a good goto weapon.

  5. exactly ...

    If there's not already a round in your chamber your already dead.

  6. I've already commented in this thread. But since we seem to be talking now about keeping guns handy, that suggestion about small pistol in pocket of garment in closet reminded me: Trouble often comes at night. Have you ever answered the door when you'd alreay showered and were getting ready for bed? Pistol in one pocket of bathrobe, tactical light and knife in the other; that's the way I do it.

    Just remember, if you read here a way to hide a gun, then a million thieves have also read it on the internet.

    Good Luck.
    “The police of a State should never be stronger or better armed than the citizenry. An armed citizenry, willing to fight is the foundation of civil freedom.” Heinlein

  7. Quote Originally Posted by nogods:192553
    No matter how clever you think you are at hiding a gun, a child will find it.
    1, educate your kids and it wont be a problem.

    2, refer back to 1.

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    Beside the dogs when I answer door day or night, I am armed, at home I also throw ballistic vest on which hangs by the bedside. Peace, Love, Colt 45.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bob16066 View Post
    The problem is that criminals are just as smart as you and I. So any hiding place we thought of: so did they.

    The trick is that time and deception are the keys.

    Any criminal will want to get out as quick as possible. So the longer it takes to find whatever you're trying to hide. The more likely they'll settle for something else less valuable.

    Its not my job and I'm not sure I should teach you everything I've learned in the past 40 years while doing things I probably shouldn't have been doing.

    But use your imagination. Make thinks hard to get at.

    I also like to leave something of obvious value in plain sight in the hope that they might take it and run.

    Of course I can't guarantee this will work but it might be worth a try.

    I like to leave a Wad of bills with a Rubber Band around them. My best older watch that I no longer wear. And a stage Prop 1911 Pistol. The Pistol is not real. Will not chamber a round. Has no firing pin. But will hold a real magazine with real .45 APC cartridges which I load it with. And a Badge that Says "Security." And some old keys I buy cheap at flea markets.

    It looks like it's waiting for me to go to work. So I don't forget anything.

    If he's in a hurry he'll see what he thinks he sees and grab and run.

    Make sure you report the robbery.


    The sword always has two edges. After he figures out he's been played: he might come back really pissed. But that's what the .45 on my hip is for.

    I also keep a sign that says "DANGER RADIATIOIN" prominently displayed. I honestly doubt that this would scare anyone away: but it only cost ten bucks and it's a nice conversation piece. And: everyone is afraid of something.
    Great ideas. I'm all about making the time extended. If I didn't know better, I'd say my retired neighbor has a CCTV on our place. He calls me before I get to the interstate on my commute if my garage is up. So I figure I need to delaay a robber for 3-5 minutes to keep him from the good stuff.

  10. Been a LEO a lot of years and have had experience entering a building after a burglar and racking the slide does get there attention and must times the hollar out don't shoot I'm coming out.
    Now appreciate your opinion but my experience says otherwise.

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    re: Old Codger
    I spent over 21 years as a LEO and also entered many buildings on searches. I never tempted fate by entering without a shell in the chamber just so I could rack one in within the hearing range of a perp. What would you have done if he'd have gotten the drop on you before you "racked" one in? If you entered with one in the chamber and just racked one for the effect, you've just shorted yourself a very important extra shot if needed.
    'til next time, Switch
    "Next to creating life, the finest thing a man can do is to save one." - Abraham Lincoln

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