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Thread: Concealed Carry Giveaway - Your Chance to Win a Ruger LC9 and more!

  1. I'm a big fan of the Ruger Brand! I just purchased a P95, but it's a little big for me to carry. The LC9 would be a welcome addition.

  3. What an awesome giveaway and a great site! Hope I win! :-)

  4. What a great opportunity to win some awesome stuff!!!! Good luck everyone!!!! ;-)

  5. Great web site! Great package. Concealed carrier in Wisconsin. The union busting state.

  6. If anyone would like to help me out towards a firearm contest this is a direct link that will take you there to earn me some hits. Just have to visit the link is all. Thanks all!! ARMSLIST - Gun Classifieds

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    This sounds pretty cool. Planning on getting an LCP in the near future, might as well get a chance at an LC9 while I'm at it.

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    I've fired the LC9 and I would love to own one my self as a new carry gun! I hope I win :D

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    I just joined USA Carry a few minutes ago! I saw the giveaway via Ruger on Facebook and thought to myself 'why am I not a member of this group, I've heard about them but never checked them out?' So I clicked on the link and threw my hat in the ring. I look forward to navigating this site and honing my knowledge!

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    I approve of this!

  11. Thank you for the opportunity. Enjoying the forum.

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