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Thread: Concealed Carry Giveaway - Your Chance to Win a Ruger LC9 and more!

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    Awesome giveaway. Thanks.
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    dam wouldent that be nice haha -- im in

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    what they said^^

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    great giveaway, im sure everyone wants to win. complete package to get started.

  6. I have the SR9 and the SR9c (my CB holster is compatble with both) and the LC9 is on my short list. Only thing better than buying it would be to win it along with the compatable CB holster and belt.......!

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    Nice Giveaway....Keeping my fingers crossed....
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    Would be a nice addition. Probably give it to the wife, her having smaller hands. Just like the feel on a full size 1911A1. BUT wouldn't pass up a freebe.
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  9. Add my name please
    Discussing Wisconsin's Concealed Carry Law At

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    this would be a wonderfull gift for anyone

    I still have my hopes up that there is a chance that I would win one of these packages. I am one of those people that never seems to win anything. However hope is a good thing. I would really like to try one of those holsters as I look at the design I can see the beauty of it and the sense and thought that went into the holster design. It seems to cover all the places that hurt at the end of the day. Thanks for the program.

  11. thanks for the opportunity.

    thanks for the opportunity.

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