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Thread: Concealed Carry Giveaway - Your Chance to Win a Ruger LC9 and more!

  1. Best giveaway yet.

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    28's time for a guy from the Great State of Texas to win. I think that guy should be me. I wonder if bribes to that Luke guy would work. I could offer to wash his car for a month....hmmm, nahhh, I don't think he lives in my state and I ain't travelin that far. I know, I could offer to put that I won it on this site in my sig for every forum I'm a member of. Even on my profile of Facebook. Hmmmm...I wonder if any of that would work.

    Nahhh, probably not. But, I hope I do win.

  4. I still have my fingers crossed. This giveaway is awesome, I've told several friends about it.

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    Its now or never boys,,,,

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    I am hoping to win anything these days. I do think this is a very considerate and kind thing to do. I applaud those attributes when ever and where ever I see them.

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    This would be great for the wife to carry.

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    Very Nice Package, Would to Win..

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    Thanks, Luke! Nice selection of gear

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    Thx Luke for the opportunity to participate

  11. This is agreat giveaway. I currently own two Rugers, Mark 3 and LCP, and would love to add the LC9 to my collection. My LCP is equipped with the Laserlyte laser, which is thepoor man's alternative to the Crimson Trace. I would highly prefer the CT laser as it turns on as soon as you grip the firearm, rather than having to manually turn on the laser by extending your finger to push the ambidextrous button.

    For anyone that doesn't have a gun safe at home for safe storage of their firearm, you need to consider one. Nothing would be worse than for a child to get hurt by a firearm hidden under the bed or in the closet. Lock 'em up securely! The car safe in this giveaway is great for CCW holders during those times when you can't carry your firearm onto the premises. Again, its much safer to lock it up in a car safe than hiding it in the glovebox or under the driver's seat. When not being used to store your firearm, it doubles as a great place to lock up your wallet, GPS, etc while shopping or at the gym.

    The gun belt and holster are great prizes as well. I find myself buying and trying new holsters, as they all have different characteristics that are great for different applications (deep concealment, concealment, open carry, etc).

    Now I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will be the winner!

    Last but not least, have a great Memorial Day, and thanks to all of you in the Armed Forces for what you do!!!
    Making sure you hit your target!

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