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Thread: Concealed Carry Giveaway - Your Chance to Win a Ruger LC9 and more!

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    This is going to make an excellent early Birthday present.
    Did you learn something new today and did you smile? if not, why?
    Later, Art S.

  3. I just got my ccw this would really start me out in a fantastic way. Nice giveaway usacarry.

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    The site and the giveaway just keep getting better and better. First place I go to get CCW information that I know is always "on target". Would love to add the LC9 (and all the great gear that goes with it) to my carry options.

    Keep up the great work Luke.

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    Man I know it's unlikely I'll win this but it would be incredible! I went up a couple weekends ago to pick one of these up at my local shop (after calling to make sure they had it in stock) and they had literally just sold it to the guy that walked out as I was coming in.

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    time is drawing nearer......still keepin' my paws crossed
    this is the first gun site i joined too the giveaway drew me in but now that i'm here i'm enjoying it lots of useful and interesting information and good peeps with some humor too
    gun control is being able to hit your target

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    Yes, only a couple more days.. :) I never win anything, so will not hold my breath.

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    Good luck everyone.....and to me!

  9. That is a sweet giveaway and I could use a new cary piece

  10. Remember, this would be a great birthday present for me. I just killed my iPod this weekend, so I would appreciate this type of entertainment. Just saying........

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    Good luck to all! I am sure whoever wins will enjoy very much, and I can hope that they will never need this package, and if they do, they will have the training to get-r-dun!
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