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Thread: Concealed Carry Giveaway - Your Chance to Win a Ruger LC9 and more!

  1. congrats, hopin that i win the next set

  3. Congrats mdlmanrn! It's a nice package to win for sure!

  4. bullseye! Congrats mdlmanrn

  5. Awesome job, mdlmanrn. Congrats.

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    Wow,would love to win,been looking for one for a while ....:)

  7. Didn't win this one but hope I win the next one!!!!!

  8. As if I needed another reason to love this site!

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    Try it before you buy it

    Quote Originally Posted by jjjjace View Post
    Does anyone have experience with the LC9?
    I have an LCP and thought this might be something I would really like. I'm glad I tried it before I just up and bought one. It is a nice firearm, but I prefer a handgrip that fills my hand and the concave grip sides on the LC9 do not do that. Neither does the LCP, but the extremely small size of the LCP changes the whole feel as for me it's a twp finger grip even with the grip extension magazine. The LC9 would be acceptable to me with the addition of a Hogue Handall wrap added. I added a Handall Jr to my LCP (requires custom cutting), it reduced the snap to almost nothing and the increase in grip makes it a pleasure to shoot. Since the LC9 debut S&W now has the Shield 9 and there is also the SIG P290 (rather pricey!). I shot the LC9 and would say the recoil was acceptable as was the accuracy, but decided to just stay with my Kahr K9 and MK40. Both all steel, very accurate and smaller than the LC9, though they do weigh in quite a bit more (rather pricey too). If I was buying today, I would probably go with the S&W Shield 40.

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    congrats mdlmanrn

  11. Congrats mdlmanrn

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