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Thread: Concealed Carry Giveaway - Your Chance to Win a Ruger LC9 and more!

  1. Gun Giveaway

    What a great prize package! Your website hits a bullseye every time.

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    I have a Kel-Tec P3AT which is the design that Ruger emulated for their LCP. I've been thinking about getting an LC9 because my Ruger P-89 shoots great but it's kind of a heavy brick. Maybe this drawing will save me some bucks and preclude invoking the ire of my spouse for buying another gun. :-)

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    Been seriously considering adding a 9 to my CCW options. Consider me in on a great giveaway.

  5. Just picked up my CCW today so everything in the giveaway would come in real handy.

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    Good luck to everyone who has entered to win the LC9. May the best win enjoy your new toy and be safe.

  7. This is a great giveaway and a great team, thank you for all you do.

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    I am very pleased to be a member of this forum. Seem like all good people. I could really use a LC9 so could my Son and my wife too. Is it Luke we thank for the great contest? If so thanks Luke.

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    Awesome always giving away great stuff.

  10. Cool contest, I hope i win.

  11. I would like to say thank you for picking me this month, i am greatful for these gifts, and will gladly give you a report on how well these gifts function ...

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