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Thread: Concealed Carry Giveaway - Your Chance to Win a Ruger LC9 and more!

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  3. My wife would love to win this LC9. She's been eying that gun for weeks

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    Congrats and enjoy.
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    congrats ZRX12MIKE, I hope some of your good fortune rubs off for me. Enjoy those new goodies!

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    I guess he will be known as Lucky Mike from now on..

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    Congratulations....but I'm jealous

  8. Congrats to zrx12mike. Nice package.

  9. Talking WOW! Everything on here is on my - to get list

    : Everything listed here as a giveaway has beeen on my to get lists- especially the Crossbreed Holsters,it would fit nicely with my Glock,Ruger LC9 with the laser that she likes, would go to my wife so I can get her to the Range, the lock boxes would go nicely in the car,just for those places that you can not carry a weapon into,and one for the house to keep the grandkids safe when they pop in unexpectly,Man what an early Christmas list and hopefully the gifts also-thank you very much

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    This is a great promotion. I have an LC9, but who couldn't use two? ... and the toys that come with it in the prize package are fantastic. Good job putting this together!

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