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Thread: Concealed Carry Giveaway - Your Chance to Win a Ruger LC9 and more!

  1. SR9c needs a little brother

    My SR9c needs a little brother. I'm sure they would get baling just fine

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    That is an awesome package! Thanks Luke for giving folks a chance to win it!

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    Smile Concealed Carry Giveaway

    As usual they give away fantastic items. As usual I'd like too win.

  5. Did i win yet? :)

  6. Wink Ruger

    My Hi-Point 40 cal S&W needs a pal to compete with. Besides my 40 isn't a carry.

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    My present favorite carry is a FiveseveN simply because of it's capacity and light weight. Somehow they(FN) have figured out how to control recoil on that also. I have to say though my personal thoughts are a bit greedy when it comes to this package. I would be comfortable with donating it to the gun club i belong to, but then after a bit of thought, I think it would be nice to have a smaller carry firearm. Yes, for size I do have a G-26. It is even heavier than the FiveseveN. So I think I want to win this for me. Guilt..........rats!

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    Im sure the winner has been emailed!!! whoever it is, is one lucky gal/girl, and i hope they enjoy there prizes as much as i would of.

    Thanks Luke for the chance at this great offer !!!

  9. I've been checking my email and the Notifications bar on the top of this forum and haven't seen a message to me yet telling me I won. Did I win? Good luck to everyone and congrats to the lucky winner.

  10. I guess it wasn't me, I haven't seen any notification.

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    hmmmm me either. Better luck next time!

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