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Thread: Concealed Carry Giveaway - Your Chance to Win a Ruger LC9 and more!

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    Another great give away package. They keep getting better and better. I'm anxious to be around to see how much better and better they get! =)

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    That lc 9 is one fine piece.

  4. A most excellent giveaway package!

  5. I really do want that LCR. Don't make me have to go out and buy one.


  6. I want to win, very good give-away.

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    I am still waiting
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    Well, this is a fine kettle of wishes and I'm also in this pot.

    However, I think it is a fact that all posters here want this giveaway. That I cannot help but wonder should more be said about your desires or does it not matter and the post is just what it is a post of wants?!

    In example, I checked out the LC9 Ruger gun at a local dealer to see if truly would I want it in the event I did win or should I just let it pass and give someone else a better chance at this prize?

    True Honesty is a very tough task and you cannot lie to yourself. So I had to take an objective look at both the LC9 and myself.

    After a bit of analysis I cannot honestly say I would want it for myself because it did not fit my hand in a comfortable manner, it was a bit too small.

    Now the added items along with the this prize I really, could use and do desire them thus, it makes me want IN for the prize.

    However, let me explain my examination of the LC9 a bit more because it is the top prize in the package. My wonderful wife was with me (I think to keep me from buying anything) and she is a very small woman. She has "Child like Hands" and the LC9 fit her like a glove.

    Going further, she admired it's size of 3 incehs, weight, ease of concealment, power of 7 rounds, and the laser is a plus in a threating situation. Not to say her aim is questionable but that dot adds some assurity and comfort to hit the target.

    Needless to say, if I win she wins because this was an ideal weapon for her purse, bra, thigh and waist for a concealed gun on a very small woman.

    The excellent Ruger reputation is an additional plus in this giveaway.

    Now, I'm a NOT the type of person to look a "gift horse in the mouth" and thus, do appreciate the hard efforts put forth to make this giveaway a truly GREAT gift so I do hope I am athe winner of this item.

    Additionally, I hope this diatribe was not too boring and everyone truly has a purpose for the LC9 other than just wanting it because it is free.

    I think it would make the giver's efforts more appreciated and worthwhile knowing he has truly helped and gave a truly desired gift.

    I thank you!
    God, Family, Country and Self

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    OK, I appreciate it. Luke, I love you. Now send me the damn gun!!!!

  10. I checked one of these at the LGS and I definitely want one. Would love to win this giveaway.


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    Hey again here from cali I was looking for a good gun fourm n this is it n bouns chance to win exclusive package woaw me nd my gf will be frequent threaders I alomst bought a lc9 3 weeks ago I went with a sig full size but my gf n I wanted a compact always kool...

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