Beretta PX4sc slide came off while shooting
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Thread: Beretta PX4sc slide came off while shooting

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    Beretta PX4sc slide came off while shooting

    Wanted to post regarding an issue that a friend of mine (Ted) has experienced with his Beretta PX4 Storm sub-compact 9mm.

    Last week we went to the range to get some practice in. Ted brought his PX4sc to shoot for the 2nd time since purchasing 3 weeks ago. The first time out with the PX4sc, he put 100 rounds WWB through it with no issues. About 30 rounds in on this day, the fun started.

    Ted loaded a fresh magazine and popped off 3 shots. When the slide came back forward to load bullet #4, the entire slide came completely OFF the frame. The slide fell to the floor and bounced around. Understand that there was a bullet in the chamber when this happened. We determined that the takedown pin had come completely out of the frame after shot #3.

    After reassembling the pistol and clearing the bullet from the chamber, Ted put the pistol up for the day. Ted took the pistol apart that night to clean and inspect it, upon which he discovered that the takedown pin would come out without being rotated the required 90 degrees. He called Beretta the next day and they sent UPS to pick up the gun and ship to the authorized repair shop.

    Ted called the repair shop today and they told him that his was one of 22 PX4sc's currently in the shop for the same issue. They have contacted Italy and have new slide parts coming in to address this issue. This is apparently not an isolated incident.

    Long story short, this is not a bash on Beretta. I wanted to get this info out in case there are other PX4sc owners here who may have the same issues. I will post an update once the gun is returned to Ted and he test fires it.
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    Good info, thanks for sharing it!
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    Keep us updated; the Px4 is one of the guns on my wish list.
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    Any reports on the full size PX4? I have a friend who is talking about getting one and would like to let them know if there are any problems. When we fired a rental PX4 at the range it seemed a very nice gun with no problems. It seemed to be a very light recoiling gun even for a 9mm.

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    Back when the "Bodyguard" from S&W came out a good friend of mine bought one and we went to shoot it at my favorite in door range. About 30 or so rounds in, the slide fell to the floor. The take down pin backed out on its own. Come to find out it was an issue with these. I have not heard if they have this fixed yet or not. I guess the turn around from Smith was fast, but who expects to have trouble with a new gun?
    Sounds like Berreta has the same problem with the PX4. I think I will stick with Sig, HK, Colt, and FN for semi autos for now. Wheel guns, Smith and Wesson. Shot guns Bennelli....
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    Still waiting on word from the repair shop. I'll get the results out as soon as I can.

    For the folks who asked, I would not avoid the PX4 model pistols. However, I would inspect them closely first. Gonna be lemons with every manufacturer, just a matter of which one has the most lemonade. Ha!
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    Today's update: The gun has returned from the repair shop.

    The repair ticket states that the takedown pin was refitted. Ted attempted to remove the takedown pin without rotating it 90 degrees and it would not budge. That's a good sign. Ted removed the pin properly for inspection. The grooves are cut wider and much deeper into the pin now.

    Here are pictures of the new pin and repair slip. Tomorrow we are planning to go put some rounds down range, and I'll report again after that.

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    I know your Beretta was most likely repaired correctly and will probably work fine from here on out, but I had a Khar CW-45, with the same problem, sort of after 3 or 4 rds the takedown pin would work itself out just far enough to cause the pistol to loose its trigger control, took it back to the gun shop I got it from, " and I know this is the exception with gun dealers" but he offered money back, send and get repaired, another new Khar, or trade for Glock 36, I took the Glock, once something like that happens I have a difficult time trusting one, i know it may not be what everybody does, but if a gun falls apart on me for whatever reason, it gone, repaired, sold, traded, or whatever, but in the end I will not every carry it

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    Just got back from the range. Ted shot 200 rounds through the gun with no issues. All seems to be well with the gun.

    Kudos to Mark's Outdoor Sports for the fix, quick turnaround, and very good communication.

    Rocketgeezer, I completely understand. Reliability and dependability of your weapon in a SD event are vital.
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    Having met the US VP of Beretta I am sure he had some input once this issue started raising its ugly head.

    I have talked with him on numerous occasions for various reasons but the one that really stands out was I had two 92FS's that were used to test products for a Government contract. When I inquired into replacements he asked why. I said "well, I have over 90,000 rounds through one and over 65,000 rounds through the other and they can't last forever". He was floored that they had lasted that long and wanted to know what I had done to get such high round counts through them. He already knew I was the Armorer for this company so when I told him I rebuilt them every 6,000 rounds or so during their time with me he mentioned that he had seen in reports LOTS of spare parts ordered by me and now knew why! I had already worn out two previous 92FS's and needed a specific version of the frame, one not available to the civilian market anymore so he said he would contact the LE/Military side of the factory and get me new ones. All he asked was for me to send back the old ones so they could look them over. They were totally beat, frames were wearing and starting to show cracks in non-critical areas but I never felt unsafe shooting them, not after all they had been through. I had to keep using them until the replacements arrived.

    Their customer service has always been top notch for me and will gladly keep doing business with Beretta.

    As a side note, I had the same issues with the Bodyguard series as one of the posters, and they were still trying to resolve that issue when I left my former company. I did not know at that time that some of the early version actually got shipped to users before that problem was fixed.

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