Gander Mountain Handgun Ammo Out From behind Counter!
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Thread: Gander Mountain Handgun Ammo Out From behind Counter!

  1. Gander Mountain Handgun Ammo Out From behind Counter!

    Just went to Gander Mountain to get some .40 caliber, and they no longer have their handgun ammunition behind the counter!

    I heard the clerk telling someone as I was approaching, "Yeah, we just got permission to move it out here". Didn't know what he was talking about till I rounded the corner, and saw the shelves. By then the clerk had moved on.

    Sure was nice to be able to check out the brands, etc., without the clerk having to hand you each box (when he became available).

    Never understood stores keeping it behind the counter, or locked in a case, anyway. Rifle and shotgun ammo has always been out, what's been the big deal with handgun ammo? It's not like they wouldn't sell it to anyone, anyway.

    So has Gander Mountain changed their policy, or has the law in Texas changed? I wonder if Wal-Mart will follow suit.


  3. Cabela's

    I just got back from Cabela's in Hoffman Estates Illinois where I was surprised to see most of their handgun and 22 ammunition was now behind the counter.

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    Handgun ammo falls under different Federal age requirements than long guns. 18 and you can buy rifle rounds. 21 before you can buy handgun rounds. .22 and a few others can be used in both and so they have to ask the use on those.

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