Remington UMC 9mm Target Ammunition
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Thread: Remington UMC 9mm Target Ammunition

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    Remington UMC 9mm Target Ammunition

    I purchase Remington UMC 9mm Luger Handgun Ammo Mega Pack (250 Rounds) from Bass Pro Shop. I purchase this on the internet for $62.00 plus delivery. This is the best price I could find. They actually have it in stock. Could anyone tell me what they pay for a similar product and where they buy it?

  3. Walmart. $20 per hundred. Winchester white box. I can't find cheaper. I stock up when they have it and buy extra.

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    Quick response, too.

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    UMC was $58 at wal mart the last time I bought some about 3 months ago.
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    Still $58 for 250 ct at Walmart.

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    The wal mart in my area has federal 9mm fmj for a little over 10 dollars

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    The walmart in my area has 50 federal 9mm fm=mj for just over 10 dollars a box.

  9. last time I bought 9mm. 1000rounds for 218 to my door. I figure I got 50 rounds for free over wal-mart once you add in tax.

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    UMC 9mm at Gander Mtn for $49--250 rd box

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    I know this thread is more about cost, but UMC 9mm in 250 rd box is the only ammo that wouldn't fire consistantly from my SA EMP. It would work in the Ruger P89 reliably, but in the EMP, about every fifth round would dud, there would be a dent in the primer, but no bang until the second trigger pull. This problem may be specific to my type of firearm, but the UMC is physically shorter than other ammo. This may be entirely a difference in the ball ammo projectile, but I still don't have an explanation. I can't use it in competition, so I don't buy it.
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