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Thread: Are .380's a Ripoff?

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    I've found that constantly monitoring the stores where I purchase ammo can save me a good deal on my .380 ammo. Occasionally, Academy Sports will put some boxes of 100 on sale for $29. A local gun store sells CCI Blazers for $14 (box of 50) on occasion. I just look for sales, & when one happens, I drop in & buy a box or two.
    I remember paying $20 for a box of 50 CCI blazers in 2009 when it was the only stuff I could get without driving a great distance. My brother told me I got ripped off (which he was right), but I was trying to keep my kel tec from becoming a paperweight!

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    I would suggest that most .380s now are so small that they are not very fun to shoot, and honestly some of the smaller ones can't stand as many rounds as a full-size 9mm. You can take a Glock 9mm to the range with 200 rounds and have a fun day. If you take a Ruger LCP to the range with 200 rounds you're going to have a sore hand and 100 left-over rounds.
    I suggest taking the S&W Body Guard to the range. This firearm has the smoothest ramp feed I have ever seen in all of the small pistols and the recoil is enjoyable for a small frame. I carry one because it is no bigger than a wallet in the holster, smile. Some have complained about the laser switch and the laser not being bright enough but I can see mine far away and certainly at self defense distances. For me the switch isn't as convenient as some othemanufacturer's's but the firearm feels much better in MY hand.

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    I don't often shoot my .380 because it is small and lightweight which = NOT FUN to shoot (Keltec P3AT). I have shot it enough to know it works when I pull the trigger and I can hit what I'm aiming for within a few inches.

    My wife's P238 on the other hand is a joy to shoot, but not as comfy in the pocket carry as mine.

    As someone mentioned, its all about shot placement... you can shoot someone in the pinky finger, leg, arm, or other non-crucial areas with a .45 and then place one well placed shot with a .380 in the chest and be more effective.

    With the advancements in ammo technology, the .380 is very effective these days.

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    That $200 you spend for ten boxes of ammo would go a long way to be able to reload your own. Good used equipment is not hard to find.

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    I'm pretty accurate with mine (Bersa Thunder) up to about 15 yards. Once I pass that, it's hit & miss (no pun intended).

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