What might have happened?
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    What might have happened?

    I don't know how national this went so I'll give some background info.

    We recently had a tragic incident in a town about 20 minutes from where I live. A young woman was kidnapped and murdered by her estranged husband and his parents because of a custody dispute. She was found dumped in a church septic tank with a zip tie around her neck. She was kidnapped in an alley behind the bank she was cleaning that night.

    In a follow up article, they interviewed a young man who was walking down the alley and tried to intervene. He stated that at first he thought it was a police encounter, but then realized the men were wearing black hoods and were using a stun gun on the woman as she lay on the ground. He ran up to help her, but the mother in law,(driver) alerted the men, and as he closed in, they hit him in the face with pepper spray or something. They then grabbed her and took off.

    My first thought was how might this have ended if he had been carrying. He might have been able to engage at a distance that was safe for him and prevented her tragic end.

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    Yep, he most likely would have saved her life if he had been armed. But, I guarantee you will NEVER hear the news media say that.
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    I agree, if he was armed it could have changed the whole outcome. This would have to be one instance of legal use of force in defending someone from physical harm or death.

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    Why not just call the police (sarcasm) and wait for arrival, very sad, but telling.

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    The police station is less than two blocks from where the abduction took place.

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    Of course if he "might have been armed" then they too "might have been armed" and he might now be dead instead of just suffering from pepper in the eye irritation.

    And what if.....

    And what if....

    and what if....

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    Yes, this would have gone much differently.

    I couldn't walk away from something like this. I would be compelled to intervene.

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    He may or may not have been able to help but ole sparky can take care of those 3 vermin.
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