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    One interesting phrase you use is the gun seems to push back instead of recoil and I have experienced that as well - partially due to the low bore axis I believe. Guess I'll have to pull out my 20 and 21sf and give them another evaluation. A good excuse to do some more shooting.

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    [QUOTE=hornett22;194346]H&K is the best in my opinion. I sold one a few years ago and have regretted it since. I have a service model XD in 45 and I love it too but I like an exposed hammer like the H&K.

    Never cared for the feel of a Glock but no one can deny they are a great gun. I like the feel of the M&P but I have never shot one. The FN FNP feels great and the trigger on it is fantastic!! Right up there with the H&K.

    hornett22 is right about the FN. I also own their Five Seven which is my favorite firearm. I wish other then factory ammo was available here in AK so I could carry it full time. When I travel to the lower 48 this summer,I'll visit Elite Ammunuition and pick up a few rounds so I can carry it full time.

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    My main carry is ether a G-36 or 27, the 27 is a bit more concealable, but I'm a little better shooter with the 36, and a litlle better yet with my G-21, its just a bit to big to carry everday, and the 27 has the most felt recoil, the 36 is more comfortable to shoot

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    Even though my EDC is the S.A. MC Operator I do own both the S.A. XD and XDm in 45. Glocks do not fit my hand/shooting grip style well.

    Having shot most every polymer frame pistol in every LE/Military caliber issued, thank you former employer , IMO felt recoil has a lot to do with your personal grip style as to how well that style can manage recoil. I can say from the personal experience of shooting 5000 rounds of 45 ACP in one day through 1911, then a few days later having to shoot 5000 again through a Glock 21, then in a few more days through a S&W 4506, to me, felt recoil was similar just slightly heavier through the Glock, with muzzle flip winner going to the S&W.

    As a previous poster said, try and get your hands on as many of the ones available and shoot them, you will quickly find the one that whispers to you ... take me home

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    I prefer to carry my USP 45 full size over my baby Eagle .40 Full size.

    The USP is lighter and thanks to the HK recoil reduction system it has less perceived recoil.

    My vote is for the USP 45 every time she has never failed me!!!!!

  7. I have several .45's my HKc is incredible very easy and incrediblebly accurate. My HK USP's are fine also. The Glock has the best striker fired guns by far , IMHO. Mas Ayoob has been known to carry a Glock 30 and has seen them shoot sub. one inch 5 shot groups rested from 25 yds. thats incredible. The M&P Smith is working on the trigger system many LEA's are turning them in because of the terrible trigger and lack of a good reset. M&P with a apex trigger i hear are very nice.
    Never cared for XD's not even a Springfield design. Plus too many failures seen with XD's in gun courses. 1911's the least length i would go with is a 4 inch their true design is the 5 inch models but Kimber has a terrible QC track record lately thats all over the forums
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    I am very happy with my XD .45 (Tactical version) with the long barrel. It is easy to shoot and fits my hand really well.

    Cheers, Montie Roland
    Montie Design, Apex, NC

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