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    I love all of the stuff from wilson combat...accept the price. I know they make high quality items but can someone tell me why a set of their 1911 grips are 90 bucks! I like their stuff but until I find a big bag of money I probably wont be ordering anything from them anytime soon. Some prices just seem outrageous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by springfield1911 View Post
    ...can someone tell me why a set of their 1911 grips are 90 bucks!
    Easy! They have determined, or at least believe, that they will make more money at a $90 price point than at a $80 or $100 price point.
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    haha thanks for the answer

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    Check their website again springfield. I was checking the site last night and they have a bunch of grips on clearance.

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    if you want grips look to VZ Grips

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    Yeah, I like Wilson Combat firearms too, but I just don't have the money to buy anything that expensive. I read an article on the Ms. Sentinel and was really impressed with the look and some of the innovations put into the pistol. Again, I cannot afford the 3,300.00 MSRP. Nice gun though.

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