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  1. 1911 question about slides/frames

    Hey guys,
    I was wondering if you all knew of a company that put out a 1911 that had a commander length slide and barrel(4"/4.25") with an officers frame(shorter grip)? Most of the commander sized guns I see are mated with a fullsize frame. I would be really interested in a one that had the shorter officer's frame. Any suggestions? Also in case it matters I have a fullsize gov't model and a 3" officer's model already so I am familiar with the platform in general. I also would have about $1000-$1500 budget for it, but I am not going to discriminate against a cheaper one if it was worth it. Thanks for any help.

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    Rather that reiterate what's already been asked and answered, I'll point you here. Couple in your price range before moving into the Brown-Wilson-Baer territory.

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