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  1. dropped mag...ok...racked slide...ok does the extractor not work in your gun? not saying you shouldn't have done a a visual but something is wrong there

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    Quote Originally Posted by pungunsun View Post
    You're right!

    Yes, even though I have successfully diagnosed what I did wrong - and developed a practice to NOT have it happen in the future - you come along and tell me what I already know.

    You are one great guy!

    What else is great is that this forum traffic reminds me why it's never a good practice to share what happens in my life with strangers.

    No problem. It won't happen again, either one.
    Your right, stuff happens and one learns from our mistakes. I think most people are reminding you because they care. An ol football couch told me once ... when I stop yelling at you, that means I dont care anymore. +0 Be safe and teach others of your mistake. I one appreciate your post, I have used it in our classroom as a lesson of the important 3 NRA rules.
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    Thank you for your story...I was cocky myself until I read what happened to you. I admire you for admitting your mistake and helping me learn that even careful me might one day make the same mistake. It only take a few seconds to drop an attention. Thank you...thank you...thank you...!!!
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    As I sit here reading through this event, and all the replies to it, I've got a big band-aid on my index finger. Not a firearm accident, I was installing a new electric outlet, and needed an additional section of stripped wire, so was trying to remove some more insulation with a utility knife. What this has to do with an AD/ND is that it too was an accident, and I thought I was being careful, it wasn't intentional that I hurt myself. I'd turned the power off, I was careful with the drill and such... I wasn't expecting it when it happened. That's why they're called accidents. I have made some purposeful choices in my firearms to lower my risks, both in being ready to defend myself, and to prevent my hurting myself with my own gun as well. I prefer revolvers, and think the .357 magnum is a good healthy round for both people and wildlife (I also camp and backpack). But opening the cylinder ensures I have nothing loaded. It's just an easier gun to check. I also own a Beretta Px4, and it has a safety. I don't depend on it, but it is an additional feature to protect me from myself. I also like the breakdown action, and the rotating barrel, so I only have to clean a removed barrel when I do my maintenance, not in the gun. These were features I chose, and I like having them. But, just like my utility knife accident, I know that it is that one thing you don't expect that ends up biting you. So I also know that following the basic rules of gun safety are not to be avoided, ever. I appreciate the fact that this story, and the teller of it are going to be OK, and I make no judgments about what happened. I have a cut finger, and hope I can remember that I too could be telling that story, or worse, unless I am always, always careful, and even then.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by mistergus75 View Post
    Just wanted to give an update on how my wounds are doing.

    I've posted some pictures on my profile of my hand that were taken yesterday.

    I've been doing much better emotionally than I was before. I'm climbing the walls, of course, and am anxious to heal up enough so that I can get a job in Houston. I'm hoping our house sells quickly so I can hit the ground running as soon as I'm able.

    My hand is in constant, but tolerable pain. The exposed nerves will continue to hurt until they're covered with new skin and flesh. I no longer have my hand fully wrapped, but am able to get by with regular large bandages. My pinkie is numb, as is the side of my ring finger next to it. Doctor says that should largely go away as the nerves regenerate (they grow as fast as a fingernail).

    I've been a bit shell-shocked by this, and have only started handling my guns again the last few days. Haven't even wanted to mess with them. As one so aptly stated, I treat them like live snakes. I have no doubt whatsoever that this will never, ever, happen to me again. Everytime I look at my XD-40, I can still see it going off in my hand. A horrible moment that will stay with me forever.

    Can't say enough about the kind words and support you guys have given me here. The stories some have shared have really been an encouragement to me. As stupid as what I did was, I'm seeing that I'll be able to put it behind me, and move on.

    Thanks, everybody.
    Dam bud that really looks like it hurt, glad your healing up well, I doubt I can say anything you have not figured out on your own by now, important thing is that your not hurt bad, and as long your going to keep your guns and keep shooting, you need to get as much range time in as you can, it will help

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    glad you are going to be OK and we can't have a gun on company property either that sucks. Any way am thankful for you that you will be OK and keep your job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mistergus75 View Post
    I suspect that I thought the mag had already been dropped and wasn't in there, so I didn't drop it. Nothing else makes sense.
    I was actually wondering the same thing when I read this.

    It had to have taken a lot of balls to admit a mistake of this magnitude and for that I admire your courage. Negligent discharges can happen to the best of us; I am reminded of the Atlanta police officer that shot himself in the foot during a firearm safety course (easily found on YouTube). I myself have had one when I was attempting to clear a rifle I was unfamiliar with...thankfully I had the awareness to keep it pointed in a safe direction. Glad you're ok

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    You posting this reminds everyone of the responsibility of carrying a loaded weapon, and I for one am reminded to be safe, thanks hope you are doing well.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by jeepfreak View Post
    sounds like a decocker would have prevented the "accident".
    if gun's safety=no decocker
    then mechanically decocking=impossible
    if manual decocking=hazardous with loaded chamber
    then gun safety=unloaded chamber

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    Quote Originally Posted by pungunsun View Post
    What else is great is that this forum traffic reminds me why it's never a good practice to share what happens in my life with strangers.

    No problem. It won't happen again, either one.
    Most interesting comment. What did you expect? Nothing but "Oh, the POOR fellow!" commentary? OK, you got plenty of that. On the other hand, you violated basic safety issues here, which many of us express concern over.

    Why? Because everyone that screws up with his/her weapon only gives ammunition to the anti-gunners along the lines of "See? The average Joe CAN'T be trusted with weapons!" This under "concerns" for public safety. Thus, you were BOUND to get some flack over the incident.

    As for "exposing" your frailities in public..... no sence whining about criticism accrued you.... after all it IS a "self inflicted wound".

    Confucious say: "Better to remain silent and appear a fool than to open mouth and remove all shadow of doubt."

    Fanatics of any sort are dangerous! -GG-
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