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    Glad you hear you are ok. Its a small thing, but I keep a Resq-Pak in both my cars as well as my range bag. If I have "tactical" type pants on, I always have one on me. Never know when I will need it when carrying or in the even I am around someone else who needs it. (The one in my car is duct taped under the driver seat so I know where it is and I can still grab it in the event of an accident.) I love the Resq-Pak but there are quite a few out there that do a good job.

    SC Tiger is correct though. Unless you are positive of the damage, ALWAYS call 911. Even if you think they will get there only a few minutes before you would have reached the hospital, they can start treating you right then and there. Plus, as SC Tiger said, you could have passed out etc and hurt more than just yourself.

    Good luck in your recovery!
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    Moral of the story? Never pet your piece. Load it, holster it and leave it there. Even an experienced shooter can have a mishap.
    Glad you're OK. Just one more inch and...

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  5. Good to hear you're still with us. I guess we all have to remember not to get sloppy about our gun safety. I agree with SC Tiger, next time call 911. If you loose too much blood you could pass out possible causing more injury to yourself and injury other people as well. Still, glad to hear you're going to be OK. Be safe.

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    Glad to hear that youre alright. A statistic somewhere (friend at work) says that on average, each pistol owner will have at least 1 ND in their lifetime, you just happen to fall into a smaller category where you actually hurt yourself, thank god not life threatening.
    Youve inspired me to be a hell of alot more careful with my weapon. Sometimes we get so complacent with our weapons, we sometimes forget that they can hurt us just as much as they can hurt someone trying to rob you. Theyre friend and foe.
    Either way, get well buddy.
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    Man--hope all is ok and you heal up real quick.
    Thanks for posting this for others to learn from
    I have 3 XD's --when I remove the slides on those I double and triple check the chamber before I pull the trigger to release the slide. Even then I still point it in a safe direction. Can never be to safe.
    Really glad your still to tell your tale

  8. Thanks for the input. Reminders are always good for everyone. Glad to hear you are doing good.

  9. All right, first let me state that I am very glad that you survived this. You are extremely fortunate; I hope that your recovery goes well and that you are able to maintain employment. What follows is not a series of attacks but rather a breakdown and lessons learned

    Quote Originally Posted by mistergus75 View Post
    I have spent so much time reading about accidental/negligant discharges, thinking about gun safety. I've been cautioning my wife and son, stressing to them how careful we must be with firearms, because all it takes is one lapse in attrention.

    Can't believe I shot myself yesterday.

    I had my XD-40 with me in a company vehicle yesterday. It was about 4:30, time to go home. I had been field stripping (playing with) it several times during the day. studying it's mechanisms. Thought I'd do it one more time before heading home.
    1. Cleaning and field stripping weapons should be done in a controlled environment according to an established routine. One golden rule for cleaning firearms: no ammunition in the same room where cleaning takes place. Field stripping weapons on impulse can lead to accidents.

    Quote Originally Posted by mistergus75 View Post
    I dropped the mag, failed to clear the chamber. STUPID! Racked the slide, pulled the trigger to release it. BOOM!
    2. Always visually check the chamber clear prior to field stripping any weapon. This includes a visual check of the magazine well, the chamber and prior to pulling the trigger for breakdown a final check of any loaded chamber indicators and a last visual check of the chamber is always appropriate. You can never be too careful

    Quote Originally Posted by mistergus75 View Post
    In an instant, my ears are ringing, blood is everywhere. Meat was hanging from the side of my hand, blood dripping. Knew instantly I was shot in my leg, too.
    3. Failure to keep firearm pointed in a safe direction. If field stripping a weapon requires a pull of the trigger to complete the weapon should be pointed in a safe direction when doing so. Failure to keep a weapon pointed in a safe direction is ALWAYS the first step in a chain of events that leads to injury.

    Quote Originally Posted by mistergus75 View Post
    OMG! knew I had to get to the hospital, started the van, started driving. I then realized, "where's the gun"? Turned around, saw it in the parking lot, knew I had to get it. Went back, threw it in park, stepped out, got it. Started driving.

    Didn't know how bad I was hurt. I was mainly worried about my leg, wondering if I had hit an artery. Didn't want to wait for an ambulance, wasn't sure it would arrive before I bled out. Traffic was heavy, waited for a couple of lights, but then turned on my flashers, started to weave in and out, jumping curbs.
    4. Call 911. Render self aid in place. Wait for ambulance. A modern ambulance is very much like bringing the hospital to you. Paramedics can get bleeding under control in the field, provide fluid resuscitation and transport you to the hospital safely with minimal danger to others. Major arterial bleeds like the femoral artery can kill in less than 2 minutes unless actions are taken to get bleeding under control. This could have been the most costly of all of the errors here

    Steps leading to accident:
    1. A casual, cavalier, and complacsent attitude with a loaded weapon.
    2. Failure to keep weapon pointed in safe direction
    3. Failure to ensure weapon was clear

    Errors after the accident:
    1. Failure to implement risk management strategies to minimize risk to self and others.
    2. Failure to call for ambulance
    3. Endangering others by recklessly driving to hospital while suffering from unknown injuries/ blood loss.

    Recommended steps to prevent recurrence
    1. Refresher training in safe handling of firearms
    2. Implementation of field stripping routine including: time, place and tools.
    3. Attend first aid training course
    4. Carry basic first aid supplies.

    Please note again that this is not meant to be a personal attack; merely a breakdown of events which lead to this incident with identification of factors which contributed to its occurrence with an aim toward helping others prevent similar incidents.

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    I'm glad you survived and I hope you have no long term disability due to the injuries. You learned a hard & painful lesson and I commend you for having the stones to share it.

    "It's easier to avoid conflict than it is to survive it" - SGB

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    I probably would have bled out because I would be so damn embarrassed! That's just me but I have to say thank you big time for
    being a brave, honest man and posting your "bad day adventure". You served us all by reminding us how things can go wrong.
    There isn't a reader here that will not think about what happened without reviewing our own actions in the future and re dedicate
    ourselves to being safer! Thanks for the honesty!

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