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    Glad that you are ok.

    Will make this suggestion to all here. Please take a First Aid and CPR course also. You never know when you will need it. And keep a good industrial First Aid kit in your vehicle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by roguejesse View Post
    @ FN1910
    I find your comment "Any gun owner who has never had a ND just hasn't played with guns enough and any gun shop that doesn't have a bullet hole in the wall hasn't been in business very long." very troubling. It's similar to "every experienced SCUBA diver has had the bends". Both statements excuse stupidity because the person in question has many years of experience. In SCUBA; diving injuries occur with either the new diver (inexperience, poor judgement, stupidity) or the very experienced (cockiness, sense of invulnerability, hubris, and stupidity). Seems there are parallels between SCUBA and firearms, and dismissing NDs due to experience is inexcusable.
    I am not dismissing them one bit. Both are inexcuable but they happen and we have to pay attention to every detail 100% of the time. Just about any driver can say that at one time in their life that they had never had an accident or ticket. (I really can't say that as I had my first automobile accident at the age of 2 when I got in the car and drove it onto the woodpile.) Does that mean that they never will have one? No it doesn't neither does it mean they can be lax about safety. Realistically I do not believe that we can reduce the number of ND's or AD's or bends to zero but that doesn't mean that we can't reduce the number. Lots of people have the idea that it can't happen to them but it does.

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    Thank God you are Ok have never had an AD and stories like yours help to keep us safe, anyone can have an AD but hope it never happens to me, story helps keep us safe.

  5. I commend you for sharing your story and pictures. Hopefully your recovery is a speedy one!

  6. Thankfully you are ok and no one else was injured. I wish you a speedy recovery with no complications, it could have been worse. I must say what many are thinking, how you could be such a dumb ass. More importantly you could have injured an innocent by stander. What you did is like running your hand through a table saw and cutting your fingers off because you slipped into the blade. It was an irresponsible move. Fortunately you only injured yourself and no one else. I would suggest you seriously consider not carrying a firearm unless you have proper training. Best wishes to you recovery.
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    Glad you are still here to pass along the warning!


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    Quote Originally Posted by mistergus75 View Post
    I've just posted a few pics of my injuries on my profile.
    Well, if anyone ever wondered what kind of entry and exit wounds a hollow point .40 S&W makes, here's your chance. I've got to say, you're one damn lucky guy, Gus. This could have been a lot worse.

    Oh, and Mr. Empathy, a.k.a. the wooddoctor, isn't going to win any sensitivity awards this year.

    3X PM

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    I'm glad you're ok, man. Thanks for sharing your story, must have taken some balls.

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    There was a thread over at defensivecarry.com a few years ago about NDs. There were a LOT of members fessing up to ONE ND. I was one of them.

    Back in my youth, around 18, I was dry firing a 357 Magnum. At the end of my dry fire sessions I would wipe the weapon down, which included wrapping the empty cylinder with an oily rag and pulling the trigger a few times, then loading up and putting it away.

    One day I got out of order, not thinking, and loaded BEFORE wrapping the cylinder and pulling the trigger.

    In that slow motion world you enter when things go really wrong, about half way through the hammer fall I realized what I had done, and yelled, "NO!" as the shot was being fired.

    I was standing inside my Mom's travel trailer at a mobile park in Kitty Hawk, NC. Thank God I had the sense to have the weapon pointed up and away. I immediately went outside to see if anyone was injured. Couldn't find any holes in the trailer. Nobody out investigating shots fired, I guess the sound was covered by everyone's AC units. Went back inside. The round, IIRC a Blazer SJHP 124 gr. 357 Magnum, had penetrated the lower corner of a suspended and hidden sleeping compartment, fake wood and molding, at the front of the trailer that we were using for overhead storage. It passed through the first 2" mattress and came to rest in the second mattress.

    As relieved as a was to find the bullet, I was disturbed at it's lack of penetration.

    I went down to the hardware store and bought a tube of wood filler. My Mom, who stayed there every weekend during the summers, never noticed the blemish.

    So once again the moral of the story is:

    1. Complacency and inattention lead to disaster.

    2. You have to violate multiple rules to cause injury. Just violate one and you only pay with a little tinnitis. Man my ears were ringing!

    3. The ND was avoidable. That was 26 years ago and I haven't been close to an ND since.

    Are you new to firearms and/or CC or just the weapon in question?

    Are the LEOs considering any charges?

    Who took the pics? Wifee? Do we even want to know her opinion on your future carry status?

    Just curious, since most news reports of NDs involve hand injury, is it possible you shot your hand prior to a ricochet? Where was your hand in relation to the weapon? Why was it there? Looking at those leg pics, I'm pretty sure that was not a ricochet.

    I know a guy that was in a struggle with an armed perp, he inadvertently DCed his own 9mm into his thigh near the femoral artery with a Glaser Safety Slug. Nasty wound and lucky to survive. Your wound looks pretty good all in all. Relatively lucky I must say!

    Was the vehicle door open? How did the weapon end up in the parking lot? What kind of parking lot where you in? Consider the implications of having a disassembled firearm in a parking lot when you get attacked or some kid walks up to you. Keep it holstered when you're out and about.

    Fiddling with a new (toy) gun is human nature. Suppress it. A leading cause of NDs is firearm manipulation. NDs are quite rare when the weapon remains holstered.
    "Each worker carried his sword strapped to his side." Nehemiah 4:18
    Guns Save Lives. Paramedics Save Lives. But...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Combat View Post
    I'm glad you're ok, man. Thanks for sharing your story, must have taken some balls.
    Almost took them off!

    "Each worker carried his sword strapped to his side." Nehemiah 4:18
    Guns Save Lives. Paramedics Save Lives. But...
    Paramedics With Guns Scare People!

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