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    This is a story that fits right in with this thread but with a twist. It happened in Scotland rather than the US and a 18 year old kill his 16 year old girlfriend while cleaning his gun and then kills himself. Why do people continuely try to clean loaded guns? It really isn't very hard to unload one before you try to clean it and makes the job much easier.

    Teen kills self after accidentally shooting girlfriend - World news - Europe - msnbc.com

  3. I have read the whole story and comments from everyone. This is a scary thing.
    We deal with accident training and investigation with absolute safety in mind.
    ND's and AD's are correctable, aside from your current situation, I hope that you do not have to go throught whole court situation and they chalk this us to learning curve.
    As for your employment, we wish the best for you, my boss would have my butt spilt sideways.
    Of course we can carry company weapons in company vehicles, just not our own.
    Good luck

  4. Quote Originally Posted by wooddoctor View Post
    Let’s not be too hard on the man I am sure he is feeling quit stupid by now. This was by no means an AD or accidental Discharge. It was a negligent Discharge ND. We all have the responsibility to keep any item which my harm someone else under control. I am sure we all have done dumbass things in our lives and are fortunate to tell about them.

    i was never hard on him. i stated that from where i sit, the story doesnt add up (and im not the first person who noticed the glitches in the timeline). Now that i looked back i see someone on the first page also asked how there could have been a round in the chamber if he dropped the mag and racked the slide, OP backed up and said he must have forgot to drop the mag. i still dont buy the story, i have seen more than one story like this posted and 90% of the time they turn out to be false (and mostly glock guys posting fake stuff on the XD forum trying to tell us how unsafe these guns are). your more than welcome to believe what you want to believe.

    pictures and/or a police report/medical report and ill apolagize for asking questions. and if the story is true, lesson learned and glad there are no serious injuries and sorry for doubting u.

    and he said he shot himself thursday at 4:30pm, friday morning at 8:30am he is posting the story from home? where he is walking around on a leg full of hollow point shrapnel? hollow point shrapnel from a round that never hit bone?

    last guy i saw that was shot, his roommate plugged him in the back right of his arm. he was hospitalized for a lot longer than 12~ hours. ive heard of speedy recoveries but wow.

  5. You make all gun owners look bad. How did you ever get a CCW. You need to find something else to play with and leave the gun at home. In real you would shoot again trying to get it out(and piss your pants)

  6. Good to hear that your wounds aren't worse. I'm an old geezer, USMC Recon once upon an East Asian time, and I've been around firearms since I could walk. (My father was USMC, too.) I'm not ashamed to say that I'm scared to death of firearms, although I own numerous guns and shoot several hundred rounds a week. To this day I treat them like live snakes. I have no idea how many rounds I've put downrange, but I've never had an AD. All the injuries from my firearms have been intentional, and I pray that there will not be any more. I'm sure that you learned from your mistake.
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  7. Thank you for sharing,wish you a speedy recovery.
    My Dad always harped (rightly so) that an empty gun can kill. You just can't be too careful.

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    Thanks for telling the story. This will cause many of us the think an extra time about safety when cleaning or otherwise handling our guns. You have been given some good advice by a number of readers.

    Personally, I think I (also) might have been inclined to drive myself rather than call 911 in your circumstances. However, the advice to not risk that was very good advice and I believe that should I ever be in a similar injured state, I'd now be wise enough to call 911.

    Any gun is unsafe if not handled with proper caution. It's not XD vs Glock or any other comparison.

    Guns are like electricity, motorcycles, fire, power tools and numerous other items that could cause damage and death. There is no need to fear them but a great need to respect them.

    As far as AD vs ND, I prefer UD. Unintentional Discharge covers both AD s and UD s.

    Many years ago I had never owned or even used a gun. I purchased one for safety as I managed a business where I was sometimes required to carry large sums of money. A few days after the purchase I had a UD in my apartment. The bullet went through a door and lodged in a dresser. My roommate was in that room. Fortunately, he was not in the line of fire and there were no injuries to any living thing. I returned the gun immediately.

    When, recently, I decided to get a gun and get permitted to carry, both my wife and I took lessons.

    Again, thanks for posting your story and I'm glad your injuries were not any more substantial than they were.

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    My only thought is why you didnt at least take your belt off and apply
    as tourniquet to your leg since you were worried about bleeding out.
    Possibly one to the arm as well if you had hit a major artery in your
    hand etc.
    I agree with you about waiting for ambulances but you got to control the
    bleeding if you can and preferably get someone else to drive. Maybe
    even the first person you see, pull over and ask them to drive etc.

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    What can we all learn from this? I am asking myself.
    My instructor stressed to us at the last class.
    ALL FIREARMS ARE ALWAYS LOADED! Until you confirm that they are not. Consciously performing the drill.
    Drop the magazine, forcefully rack the slide 3 times, allowing the slide to go into battery under it's own power. Draw back the slide and visually inspect the chamber. Do this every time you ever hand it over to another, field strip, or clean the weapon.
    When ever another hands you a weapon confirm yourself that it is unloaded by performing the above described drill.
    We all know you can't take back the bullet. " I thought it was unloaded" is a poor excuse for unsafe weapons handling.
    Thank you for sharing this experience.
    Stay safe, hope your hearing returns.

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    Quote Originally Posted by badbob38 View Post
    You make all gun owners look bad. How did you ever get a CCW. You need to find something else to play with and leave the gun at home. In real you would shoot again trying to get it out(and piss your pants)
    Bob: Lighten up cupcake. The fellow made a mistake and has owned up to it. Even licensed people can make mistakes so why keep on digging at him? I am sure he is not the only person to have an incident like this and will not be the last. Who knows, you could be next or any number of people. You have received a free lesson from him. Take it to heart and get off your high horse!

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