I Shot Myself Yesterday
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    Glad you're still here to tell the tale. One thing that I was always taught though was that if something like this happens call 911 and wait for the ambulance. If you had passed out while driving to the hospital you'd have made a bad situation worse. Any word on how your company will view this incident? Any repercussions?

    Look at it this way - you now have a permanent reminder to make d#mn sure you follow the gun safety rules.

  4. Glad no life threatening injury. Sounds like you kept your head.

    I've only had one ND, no injury on a Mini-14 I had just finished cleaning when I put the mag in, admiring the action and how clean it was, pulled the trigger, and BAM! No ammo around when cleaning, or beer :)

    We had an accidental injury at a USPSA competition, when a finger slipped and discharged the weapon prematurely while being drawn. Pays to be careful.

    Glad is sounds like you're going to be ok. Wiser and a little more worn for the wear. Praying for you!

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    I'm glad you are not hurt worst than you are. Glad no one else was hurt - from the ND or your driving.

    I'm not going to beat on you. You know you violated multiple of the rules and lived to tell the tale.

    You have to do it right - EVERY TIME.

    P.S. I am curious about one thing. You said you racked the slide, why did this not eject the unspent shell?

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    A great reminder for all of us. It takes just one minor lapse. Glad to hear you are alright. Thanks for the post

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    Glad you are ok. You are right- it only takes 1 second of complacency. When I was in Afghanistan back in '03, We had someone accidentally shoot themself. Every morning we cleaned our weapons. The guy in question cleaned his and assembled it. Unfortunately, without thinking, he put the magazine in before he did the functions check and ended up shooting himself in the foot. The real kick in the ass was he was told to walk to the aid station about 1/4 mile away haha.

  8. I always stress the basics in my Hunter Ed classes. Never point a firearm at anything you don't intend to destroy and always treat them as if they are loaded. I have had one or both of those save me in the field several times with young relatives I was mentoring. Thanks for being up front about the discharge and your actions. It helps when folks know it happens easily and fast.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Babarock View Post
    P.S. I am curious about one thing. You said you racked the slide, why did this not eject the unspent shell?
    I suspect that I thought the mag had already been dropped and wasn't in there, so I didn't drop it. Nothing else makes sense.

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    There are so many things to harp on in the OP that I won't even start. I am just glad that you are alive to tell your story of stupidity so we all can learn from it. For all of you (us) out there claiming that it can't happen to me it can and probably will. The whole argument over AD vs. ND doesn't mean a thing to someone in a grave and is just symantics although it does make good Internet fodder. As pointed out the OP will have a permanent reminder of the rules of gun safety but not all of us have a similar reminder and I do not want one. Any gun owner who has never had a ND just hasn't played with guns enough and any gun shop that doesn't have a bullet hole in the wall hasn't been in business very long. Dangit there aren't but four rules that you have to follow for gun safety so anyone should be able to remember and follow them. However there is one more rule that we can throw in there for good measure, "Don't ever PLAY with guns" unless they are made by Mattel or some other toy company.

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    I commend you for telling this story and not keeping it to yourself. This should be passed along to all shooters (new and experienced.) I'm glad you're alive.

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