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    Question 1911

    i hear a lot of talk about the 1911 so what is so good about it ? what advanage does the 1911 have over other gun's ?

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    The 1911 is the safest firearm around. With 3 safety systems in place. That being said, when cocked and locked with one in the chamber it can be deployed quickly and efficiently. I carried one as an M.P. They are bulldogs and will hold up. I have a Kimber Gold Combat 2 and a Springfield TRP. If a BG does get your gun away from you, chances are they will not know how to fire it. Giving you a chance to pull your backup weapon and put the threat down. The .45 cal. provides the best tissue damage and bleed out chances. Put them down quick and permanently.
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  4. I911s have the potential for a perfect trigger.

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    1911 .45 and the HI Power 9mm are two of the finest designs ( both Browning )... I love my Hi Power inspired CZ75 decocker.. I can say the CZ is nicely Balanced, very easy kick, nice tight grouping... I would love to have the knock down of the .45 in my 9mm.. Both designs have stood the test of history and time...

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    Many folks, including myself like the ergonomics of the platform as well as it being an inherently easy platform to shoot well.

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    Balance, weight, .45 horse power, an abundance of after market custom parts and accessories, a long history of meritorious service and it comes in damned near every flavor. What else is there?

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    It's a classic. It's so well proven that 100 years after it came out many people still depend on it. On a practical side, it's a 45 ACP which I probably don't need to explain much about and it's pretty accurate with a standard 5" barrel. It can be had very inexpensively or upgraded almost indefinetely to anybody's desire. It works as a carry gun (albeit a large one), can be fine tuned into a tack driver for the range or shot at competitions. There's just a lot you can do with this design.

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    And they come in almost any price range from $300 and up.

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    For me personally they fit my hand/shooting style the best. In my previous line of work I got to shoot dang near every sidearm made so I had the chance most folks never get, to see what truly fit me. Though Glocks are reliable and accurate they do not fit my hand well no matter what model I have tried and I have tried them all, same goes for most other makes and models. Ol' Slab Sides just "fits".
    I have two 1911's, one is an Enhanced Colt the other is a Springfield Armory MC Operator. Since getting the Operator the Colt has been retired as basically a Safe Queen though. I like the forged, heavier frame on the Operator more. No, I am not a large individual, only 5'8" and 190 lbs but in the cooler weather with a covering garment concealing this is not an issue. Of course a proper gun belt and holster makes the world of difference in carrying comfort for any sidearm.
    I personally do not OC unless it's around the yard, of course I have one neighbor who flashes me "The Look" every time HA HA. The folks on the other side of me just smile and mind their own business. That is a personal choice and I have no issues with those who do OC. That is their right and choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jerry12 View Post
    i hear a lot of talk about the 1911 so what is so good about it ? what advanage does the 1911 have over other gun's ?
    The Glock line of pistols is far superior to the 1911 design.

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