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Thread: Buds gun shop is bad business

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    For online purchases I use a CC not directly tied to my bank account. That way, if there is a problem I can just cancel the card. Any automatic rebills (such as my satellite TV) are done the same way, so if I have to I can cancel the card.

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    I've also never had a problem, but will keep an eye out for anything funny. I recently purchased a firearm on a Friday morning and picked it up from my FFL on Monday. I've always been surprised at how quick they fill my orders. Sorry you had issues, hope everything is resolved quickly.
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  4. Excerpt from FaceBook:

    BudsGunShop I appreciate the kind words but we still feel bad. In the week we were hacked we also received email notices that Kroger, Best Buy, Scott Trade and Brookstone were all hacked also...which does not make it ok, but obviously those very large companies have more security resources than we do and even they could not stop these cowardly internet thieves.

    You were the victim of a crime but Buds wasn't the offender although the frustration is understandable it's pointed in the wrong direction. I've never done business with them but all I have heard is good things about them.

  5. I've only dealt with Buds once, and I have to say I was quite pleased. I put in a request for a hard to find gun, after a few weeks they found one, alerted me, I told them to go ahead, I was charged, and it was shipped it to my FFL, etc. One of the more complicated scenarios and they were great about it.

    From what I've read about this episode, I believe they're doing all that they can do (speaking as a computer person that has done time in the system administration, programming, and network/security realms). The reason credit card stuff is outsourced is because it's so hard to get right. Even the experts in it make mistakes that will let them get hacked sometimes. There really is nothing that Buds can do other than notify people.

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    I've never had an issue with Buds, but I never use a debit card. As a retired banked I can tell you this, you have certain rights using a credit card vs using a debit card. The credit card is the banks money, the debit card is you bank account money. The bank will recover your funds but it has to come back vs a credit card which funds drawn from that belong to the bank. In any case to avoid major issues & to localize my gun purchases, I opened a GE money (Buds Credit Line) only approved purchases from Buds can be charged. Of course the interest rate is ridiculous so I pay in full.
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  7. All in all its still Buds responsibility period. I've bought many guns from them also but their Customer Service lately is lousy. I ordered 2 guns went to my FFL to get them one was not even close to what i ordered. I called and called no call backs plus came to my FFL not weighed right so he had to pay UPS money or the guns were being sent back. MY FFL switched me for something else and i left. Three days later i got a goofy e-mail.

    Plus i had some odd charges on my debit card. They did not even show any care much less concern. Too big makes the fall sometimes a long hard fall. If Buds continues Business like this a fall in inevitable. Lately i've been buying else where and actually better deals with Great CS. Plus Glock and Buds had a problem with its mapping prices not long ago. Too Big is not always best.

    Good idea on using one card just for internet buys wise thinking..
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  8. Buds is bad business. Order something that says its in stock, then 5 min later get an email it's out of stock but your card has been charged. I emailed them to cancel the order and the charge but no cancellation just a reply an hour later that the cancellation will be 3-5 days. Guess what, my money is now tied up and I cannot use it because Buds has it sitting in his account. He has no right to my money, buds is quick to take it but not to return it. It's been 4 days already but no refund. This is bad business, won't order another thing from there and I won't even get started on the 2 week shipping on firearms.

  9. The only problems I've had was the price going up on a gun after it was in my shopping cart once and another time a gun sat in there shipping dept for four days. Other times have been ok. I think they've had a lot of growing pains. They've remodeled and expanded there showroom twice in the last cpl years. I think they do around 10 mil @ year in online sales too

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    Why are we resurrecting a thread that's more than three years old?
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  11. I ordered a pistol from Buds 4 or 5 years ago. While it was a great price and it is still to this day my favorite (Sig P226) i was also a victim of identity theft after ordering from Buds Gun Shop. I went to use my debit card a week or so later and my card was declined. After checking my bank statements there were several charges totaling almost $8,000. It took a few weeks and several visits to my bank to get my money back, somewhere in that time I also got an email from Buds similar to the one you received. I order stuff from the internet pretty frequently and the only time this has ever happened to me was when ordering from Buds. My experience and yours being nearly 5 years apart tells me that Buds does not care enough about its customers to take steps to insure our information is secure.

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