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  1. Picatinny vs weaver mount

    Hey guys I know this may be a newbie question but what is the difference between the picatinny and weaver mounts? Can sights, lights, etc be used interchangeably between the two mount types? Any info would be great. Thanks.

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    The Picatinny locking slot width is 0.206 in (5.23 mm). The spacing of slot centers is 0.394 in (10.01 mm) and the slot depth is 0.118 in (3.00 mm). The only differences between the Picatinny rail and the similar Weaver rail are the size of these slots and the fact that they are standardized. Weaver rails have a slot width of 0.180 in (4.57 mm), but are not necessarily consistent in the spacing of slot centers. Some accessories are designed to fit on both Weaver and Picatinny rails; but most Picatinny devices will not fit on Weaver rails.

    The above was CCP'd from Wikipedia since it is too early in the morning with not enough coffee consumed for me to rack my brain for the details

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    As posted there are slight differences. For the most part I have interchanged bases/rings/mounts without any issues. You may have to look at the particulars in your specific case to see that they will mount correctly. I know I have used Warne rings with both bases & they have held fine.

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