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    I don't carry around the house, but I do have my guns nearby. I live in what is generally considered to be a pretty good area, but like any other, we have had a couple of break-ins, and crime in the area is rising, in large part because the less respectable areas in the vicinity are watching their crime problems grow and filter out. I also have three VERY large dogs (two at 100 lbs each, and my biggest is 185 lbs). I've seen people panic when he barks, which literally can rattle the trees. But I have started carrying when I go out, especially at night, often by myself. I would hate to use my preferred .357, but would not hesitate for a second to do so. And I practice routinely just for the fact that I enjoy it, as well as that I know what I can and cannot do with my skills. I analyze my risk factors, and hope my situational awareness, and preparation in staying armed when the risk goes up are good, if not perfect, protection.

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    If you don't get use to carrying around the house, how are you going to become comfortable carrying outside of the home?

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    I always carry at home. I believe it is better to prepare for the worst and hope for the best than to just assume the worst won't happen to you.

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    I think you'll be all set if a BG runs up to you and demands your lawnmower....I certainly don't think it will happen, but if it should, send him to my house, I got some hedge clippers that will chew his ass up!
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    I'm a combat veteran with PTSD (not looking for sympathy...VA takes care of me very well). It makes me kind of "scatter-brained" and I have to follow a routine or I will completely forget. I have a list on the wall by my bedroom door of 10 things to do remember to grab every time I walk out of my door...#4 is pistol

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    Me or my wife never are without a firearm. Whether at home or riding our horses we are both carrying. Its to the point now where its second nature to put on in the morning without even thinking. So dont ever feel "Parnoid" for carrying anytime. Our lives or our kids lives are not worth losing to some nuckle head.
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  8. Not paranoid. My neighborhood has had multiple homes broken in to (some homes multiple times), including mine. The person doing it knows when everyone is home and when they are not home. Definitely it is someone local doing these burglaries. Now I carry my weapon openly in my neighborhood so everyone in the neighborhood knows I'm packing. No one messes with my house anymore, even when I'm not home. I guess they would hate for me to come home while they're in my house and have to face me with a loaded gun in my hand. All the neighbors that I talk to like seeing me OC. The burglaries have actually went down. The guy across the street from me also OC's in the neighborhood. BG's don't like seeing armed citizens.
    If you take all the guns off the street, you still will have a crime problem.
    If you take the criminals off the street, you cannot have a gun problem.

  9. here in new unsure we can just walk around with a sidearm.newyork has odd way gun permit

  10. here in new unsure we can just walk around with a sidearm.newyork has odd way for wording how you use your gun permit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eaccents View Post
    I am in agreement with all posters thus far: carrying at home is just like carrying anywhere else ... when the SHTF, you don't want to have to figure out how far you are from your weapon.

    I always have a weapon on me or within reach.
    Only way to fly.... I even have one with me when I am "IN" the middle of my model railroad in the basement. (THAT would really be a bad spot to be caught sans weapon.)

    "Break ins" only take a second of effort.... that is all the response time you are going to get.

    Hell, I even drop my "Tomcat" in my pocket when answering the doorbell..... AFTER taking a careful peek, to boot!


    P.S. Paranoid but still alive at 66.
    Fanatics of any sort are dangerous! -GG-
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