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B-27 at $0.42 per target for 100 targets.
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I've been buying sampler packs from pistoleer.com. The samplers are an expensive way to go but their bulk prices are good. 100 x B-27 @ 39.07

It has been about a 5-7 day turnaround but I'm relatively close.
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Official NRA Silhouette & Law Enforcement Targets

B27E ($0.31 per target) for State Qualifications "G" licensing

and the IALEFI-Q ($0.31) targets for most other training.
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I have dealt with LE Targets quite a bit. If you buy in bulk the prices drop per target. Here is a link to one of their economy versions. $0.37 for 25 - $0.22 for 100 - $0.21 for 500 and $0.20 for 1000.

Law Enforcement Targets, Inc.: ECONOMY B-27E BLACK TARGETS
(.42)...(.39)...(.31)...(.22)... we keep going they're going to be free.

Other than the score rings what is the difference between B-27 and B-27E? Looks like just space at the bottom?