Dr asks wife, "Guns in house?"
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Thread: Dr asks wife, "Guns in house?"

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    Dr asks wife, "Guns in house?"

    I've been going to my Doctor for about 12 years now and had always been happy with her. My wife was looking to change her primary care doctor, so I suggested she go to mine. On Wednesday she went for her first visit. She informed me that the doctor asked her a series of questions about how many children we had, their ages, etc. Then she asks, "Are there guns in the home?" :huh: My wife says, well, yes, there are. (She admits she made a boo boo by admitting such.) Needless to say, Now the docs radar is on and she is lecturing my wife about kids and guns and how we need to keep them locked away and safe, etc. I am now very uncomfortable with this doctor and I will be looking for us to change primary physicians! Doctors have no business knowing whether or not we have guns in the house. It is information that can only be used against us at a later date......when Barack Obama is President and Ted Kennedy is his Gun Czar! God Help us all!!!!


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    I am sorry to hear that. I would try to find a new physician and let her why you have chosen to leave her.

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    exactly.. the practice of medicine has what to do with guns in the home??? oh right... NOTHING!!! that's absolutely none of their business.
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    I agree Doc's have no business asking these questions. I read somewere that the AMA has been puting out to ask these type of questions in there medical journels.
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  6. Sounds to me like a back door way of getting info on someone. This has nothing to do with your medical history and I would not give out that kind of information. To EZ to fall into the wrong hands be very very careful.

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    Unfortunately this is becoming more and more prevalent. Some admission and pre-screening forms have the question listed. Should I ever have the question asked my response will simply be that the question has nothing to do with my medical problem (unless I'm shot I guess).

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    Angry Ask ypur doctor if they can fix..

    Ask your doctor if they can fix a broken extractor or failure to feed. Remind them that they are "practicing medicine" not enforcing the UN charter on gun control and write a large and ugly editorial in the local news paper. This will impact the assinine practice of doctors counseling someone about something they are not even remotely qualified to discuss unless they themselves own firearms. (rant off):akuma:

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    I think this is being pushed by the AMA. I have a friend that is a doctor and he would not ask this. He and I have talked before about the AMA and he feels it is a very liberal group.
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    It is none of the business of the Antichrist Movement of America where you do or do not have guns in your house. If I were ever asked questions about guns in my home, from a Doctor. I would have to tell them where to go, and keep their questions in line about my health care.
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    You did the right thing! I'd do like everyone says, dump her for another Dr. and write a letter to the editor and let others know. The more we hurt these liberal idiots in their pockets the less they will be willing to back idiotic ideas like this!
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