Shooting wrong caliber ammo
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Thread: Shooting wrong caliber ammo

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    Shooting wrong caliber ammo

    Here are a couple of pictures of ammo that was shot in the wrong caliber gun.
    From the left - 1st is a 32 acp that was shot in a S&W .35 cal pistol - 2nd is a 9mm that was shot in a 40 S&W - 3rd is a 40 S&W that was shot in a 45 acp - 4th is a .32 H&R mag that was shot in a .38 spl - last is a 9mm that was fired without being in battery(action was partly open). Actually only the 1st one I know for a fact the rest are just guesses as to what happened. In all cases the extractor held the shell tight enough for the firing pin to detonate the primer. In each case you can see how the thicker base resisted expanding. In the first four the case mouth is now expanded to the larger chamber size. It is a miracle that the last 9mm case did not rupture. Don't see how that last 9mm was able to fire with the action open that far(if that is what happened). Does anyone else have a different theory on the last case? Just thought you might like to see these pictures. I found all these cases on the range(except the 1st case which a friend shot and thought I might find interesting).
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    These are interesting pics. In case of the 9mm not in battery, isn't there supposed to be a trigger disconnect that prevents the gun from firing?
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  4. I'm just guessing. That's all I ever do anyway. Hahaha.

    Anyway. I'm thinking that these could have been hand loads with too much of a powder past its expiration date. The powder ignited enough to start the recoil process then really started to burn faster while the breach was part or fully open, blowing out the case.

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