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There was an interesting thread recently (sorry, no link, just my memory!) about the .357 sig having better recoil control than the .40, at least with glocks. I don't own a .40 or a .357 sig, but is was an interesting discussion. Like mentioned above, it also discussed switching barrels to accomidate the calibers.
It makes sense that the Sig would have a bit less felt recoil than the .40 since it normally uses a lighter projectile. Most of the other variables like operating pressure and gun size would be roughly the same. Lighter bullets just kick less than heavier ones traveling at the same velocities. It's basic physics. It takes less energy to push a lighter projectile to a given velocity than a heavier one. If there must be an equal and opposite reaction for every action, then there should be less recoil energy from a lighter bullet being driven to a certain velocity than a heavier one being pushed to the same speed.