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Thread: So I broke down today and put it on Layaway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NRA Lifer and Proud View Post
    Grips are a very personal choice. Finger grooved ones do not fit my hands, the dang grooves never seem to line up with my fingers, but I do love non-finger grooved Pachmayer grips.

    As for sights, since I have never had one of your pistols to work with calling Kimber should answer your questions but they are also personal choices depending on your eyesight and such. If you have a way of measuring each side of the dovetail cut in the slide, for both front and rear sights, you can give them those dimensions so they don't have to guess just how it was cut. Measure both sides as there is a difference.
    Black on black has never much a problem for me but others can find them hard to pick up.
    I'm lucky enough to be at an age that my eyes are still young and ready for many more years of service.


  3. My first 1911. Give me your comments.

    I'm so glad to see someone else find a high standard. I found one a couple of weeks ago for $200. ( full size, 5" barrel, GI sights,.parkerized?? finish, great clean condition) One of those right place...right time. Needless to say, I was happy about the price but had no idea how good or bad it shot.

    This was the first 1911 since leaving the navy, where I got the chance to shoot alot of them. Those guns were loosey-goosey with the attitude of an old cat. You know how the olds cats are. "if you want to pet me then get up and come over here. If you are lucky I might not bite you."

    Well, I pulled it apart to clean and inspect it before it's first range trip. It was smooth operating, clean,almost no wear marks. Not sure if items ever been fired. Next step. Range trip.

    First round-wow
    Second round-wooow
    Third round-nice
    Fourth round-wow nice
    5th, 6th, 7th- Wow man...that was nice

    Well, by the end of that first magazine, I was in love. Or was it lust? It doesn't matter because I had just found my new favorite gun. It shot straight, very little recoil and just felt right in my hands. I never would have thought that my cheapest gun would be my favorite.

    Well,... It was awesome. Absolutely no comparison. (for me anyway) Now I'm just starting to look for ways to upgrade my new toy. I want as much of a 2 tone look as possible.

    Any suggestions you can provide will be appreciated. I'm thinking of adding the following:
    Stainless skeletonized trigger
    Stainless Ambidextrous safety
    Stainless mag release
    Stainless bushing
    Stainless magwell
    Stainless grip screws
    Stainless Beavertail
    Stainless Skeletonized hammer
    SomeType night sights

    If you have a suggestion of a part number, price, who to buy it from, something that would look better, etc.

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    The only other suggestion I would have, if you can afford them, try some Wilson Combat magazines. I have them for my 1911's and they have never failed me, but that is just my choice. I know some folks like others but WC were recommended to me by not only a close personal friend and co-worker who was a 20+ year NH State Trooper but also a co-worker who was a former SOCOM Operator. His Unit used them and coming from someone who had been in enough CQB situations to be an authority on the matter I switched.

    Good luck with your new pistol! You just might become a 1911 addict like so many of us
    NRA Life Member, NH CC, Gun Owners of America, Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, Second Amendment Foundation
    "Remember, incoming fire has the Right of Way"

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeboss View Post
    What made you choose that brand? How much research did you do? I am looking (and dreaming) for a 1911 as well
    Here is a video I found on Armscor, it shows and tells how the firearms are made. I also found that they use old Colt forms to cast the 1911's they make. Then use forged steel parts to put the gun together. They are precision investment cast with Ordnance grade 4140 steel construction( Not sure if that is good steel or not?) Been unable to find any information about that steel on google. 4140 is steel alloy is it not?


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    JSDinTexas Guest
    Every so often I get a little lust for a 1911, and that's saying something for a dyed in the wool Glock person.

    And you can bet on this: it won't be your first or last 1911.

    Congrats and Enjoy

    PS: 4140 is a high quality, very hard steel - good stuff

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