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    Just wondering about the rest of you... it doesn't matter if you're a novice, average, advanced, or expert marksman... have you ever picked up a new weapon, tried it, and all of a sudden found yourself shooting way better with that weapon than any other you have ever shot? I went to the range today with my new Beretta Storm .40 S&W and that's what happened to me. First, I will admit I would be stretching the truth if I said was much more than an a very slightly above average marksman. I own several really nice 1911's, Browning Hi Power, two Beretta 9mm's, Colt Python, an expensive H&K, and several other handguns. However, today at the range with my new Storm just blew my mind! 250 rounds with no malfunctions of any kind and it digested everything I could feed it. Bullseye shooting was (obviously) not as good as the H&K, the 1911's, or the Python, HOWEVER... shooting rapid fire at 5 and 10 yards was what made me take real notice and surprised not only myself but also everyone there who knows me. I was emptying this gun as fast as possible and putting every round within a 6-7 inch group. That, my friends, is something I've never been able to pull off with any of my other handguns. If you think I'm excited about this? LOL! You can bet your buns I am! This weapon just plain FITS as if it were special made just for me! (Yeah, you could say I have found a new favorite in my little arsenal!)

    Has any of the rest of you ever had such an experience with a new different handgun? I for one would really like to hear your stories.


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    I shoot my friend's Glock 23 way better than any of my own pistols. I'm a solid marksman with my own guns, but with his G23 I'm significantly better. Strangely enough he has a similar experience with my HK P2000. He was magnanimous enough to offer to trade but I informed him I'd need some cash as well.

    I'll get a 23 at some point in the future.
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    This past Christmas I went shooting with my dad. I brought all my guns including the Beretta PX4 Storm Sub-compact he got message present when it came out.

    I hardly ever shoot it since I don't use it as my carry gun. But after shooting my Glock 26 and then shooting the Storm I noticed I shot a lot better with it. But that just told me I should be getting more practice in with my carry gun.

    But out of all my pistols, I still shoot the best with the first gun I ever bought - Beretta 90-TWO .40.

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    My wife bought me a 410 pump action Mossberg for a late Christmas present and while I cant explain it the gun almost aims itself. I use slugs or shot and even use it trap shooting(at a friends ranch). That friend has been trap-shooting a long time with his 12 gauge and didnt think too much of 410's but after playing with it he intends to buy one himself. It also makes a good short-range defensive weapon and its a blast(pun intended) to shoot. Im going to start reloading the shells to save money and be able to shoot more. Most importantly my wife loves it also.

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    Some guns just have that magic "Fit."


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