How is my shooting!
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Thread: How is my shooting!

  1. How is my shooting!

    hey guys

    I have been shootinf for about 4 months
    with my glock 23 .40cal

    This is at 20 yards

    how am i doing?
    what am i doing wrong?
    should i move sights?

    thanks for your imput
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    If you can get the bad guy to wear a "Dirty Bird" logo on his shirt you're golden :)

    Just kidding
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    Threat eliminated....good grouping. I have a S&W SD40 and my groupings look like yours!

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    For combat hits, the BG is no longer a threat.

    But you do seem to be hitting a bit low and left. You may be anticipating the shot and pushing the gun just before the shot, causing it to go low. Hits on the left (assuming you are right handed) are usually caused by not squeezing it straight back.

    Take a look at these drills, in particular the Dummy Round Drill. I did this one and it pointed out my flinch. There's a lot of good drills here.

    I'd also try to do some shooting competitions. The combination of timing your shooting and shooting in unfamiliar scenarios helps your overall shooting. USPSA and IDPA are two national groups. I shoot with a more informal group and it's always fun and you can get tips on your shooting. Watch it though - it can get intimidating when some of these people show up with tricked out guns with scopes and trigger jobs, etc. It can get expensive quickly. In these competitions you can do things that many ranges prohibit - drawing from holster, double taps and quick shooting, etc.

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    The comment 'billv' made is spot on. In order to truly understand how well you are shooting, it has less to do with one day at the range and more to do with being consistent and knowing what your faults are and then overcoming them. I had an atrocious problem with anticipating the shot and would either flinch or push the barrel down to eliminate the recoil. I solved that with a .357 revolver. I would take 2 to four rounds and load the cylinder, then spin it and close it and fire it from pulling the trigger with the hammer un-cocked. You find out right away with the first empty cylinder whether you are flinching and pulling/pushing the round.

    None the less 'denver1' looking at your photos, its respectable shooting and something to be proud of. The bad guy who would have received the rounds would not longer have any fight left in him.

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    You have some flyers but most are in the same area so IMHO you're not quite so bad...

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    Why twenty yards? I'm sure you're not practicing defensive shooting at that kind of range. Nice grouping, shot a friends Glock a couple of weeks ago. Actually enjoyed it and was less recoil then my Springfield 1911A1 Mil-Spec. BUT, I'm old school and prefer my Steel to Composite.
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    call me when you can shoot an aspirin tablet out of the air... jk!
    I'm not really an *******!! great shots and group!

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    JSDinTexas Guest
    I find your choice of handgun to be excellent - have to say that since it's my carry too.
    Looks pretty good to me, but I notice your pattern seems to favor 6 o'clock a bit so some analysis might be in order.
    Take a look at this:

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