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Thread: My Friend Stabbed While Buying Chocolate Milk

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    Hope your friend is going to be ok. Good that he isn't going to have to be dragged through the courts for doing what one should be able to do. Something wrong with a system where someone can attack us with a knife (or any other weapon) and then run off crying "not it" and a bad law protects them.

  3. my own conceal/carry experience

    While travelling last year from Missouri to Vermont and back, I stopped at a huge...HUGE gas/truck stop in Ohio....well, after getting gas, i went into the store to pay, you could easily park 10 semis side by side in here, I went through the line, paid and then hit the mens I walked into the mens room, someone followed behind me, once in there, he asked "hey, do you know where i can buy some beer?".....pfffffttt....REALLY?????? this place had everything you wanted to buy in I turned around calmly, looked the guy in the eye and said "no I don't, but one thing I do know is that I am from Missouri, and I have a permit to conceal and carry" (as i pulled back my overshirt which hides my glock 23, with FOUR CLIPS....56 rounds total)....the guy turned and made a b line for the door....i may never have to use my pistol, but if that saved me from trouble just once, then it was worth it (and dont worry, I was VERY ready to draw...but im not LOOKING to kill anyone, lest that be mistaken for whether I WILL or not...)

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    Good that he was prepared and hope he is okay...also glad he had good fire discipline. BTW, where was that (as I am in Tampa, it is of some interest to me)? I always carry anywhere I go (except to work on campus). You never know!

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    I'm glad Dave is ok. He did what I hope I would do if faced with same senerio another BG Off the Streets..

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