My Friend Stabbed While Buying Chocolate Milk
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Thread: My Friend Stabbed While Buying Chocolate Milk

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    My Friend Stabbed While Buying Chocolate Milk

    I just found out that my friend was stabbed last week during an attempted robbery. He went to the 7 Eleven around the corner from his house around 8:50PM to go get some chocolate milk. He was was just wearing some gym shorts and a shirt but had his Glock 20 with him. While I don't recommend carrying without a holster, it sounds like it saved him in this situation.

    Apparently after he got out of the store from buying his chocolate milk, the robber backed his car up by his driver side door, ran out and stabbed him in the leg and then demanded money.

    Instead of giving him money Dave pulled his Glock 20 and then the robber took off and leaving his car in the parking lot. He said he didn't fire since the robbery was running away.

    The police apprehended with with the help of a K9 dog which the robber also assaulted. My friend is recovering but will be fine.

    This just goes to show you that things can happen at anytime and anywhere. He was less than a few blocks away from his house which is technically in a nice neighborhood.

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    I hope your friend get's better soon.

  4. Amen. I always Carry where legal and don't go to anyplace I can't carry unless ordered too by the courts.

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    Your friend showed good restraint. I'm not sure I would have, not shot him.
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    Even a not so late night milk run can turn out dangerous. +1 reason to armed whenever legal and practical.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edsworld View Post
    Your friend showed good restraint. I'm not sure I would have, not shot him.
    I second this! He has a cool head on his shoulders not to have sent a few the dirtbags way after getting stabbed. Hope your friend is doing ok.
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    I am reminded of another thread about LEOs asking why you carry. Guess this answers the question. My first thought was too bad he didn't have a chance to take out the trash, so to speak. My second thought was: glad he is still alive.

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    Yes, either carry when legally possible or don't. Hope he will be okay. And he handled it well.

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    I think of all the random violence that occurs in this country and wonder why more people aren't carrying. Take a look at this *graphic* video of a convenience store being attacked by a knife-wielding assailant. Crazy!

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    I second, third or whatever it is on saying that it was good that he used his head and didn't shoot the robber while he was running away. Although it may have been legal and moral along with lots of people saying that he would have saved the state money along with eliminating the probability that he would rob again, it was the correct thing to do. If your friend had shot the BG while he was running away there would have been investigations and probably court hearings along with a lot of sleepless nights. As it is he will probably have to still have to take time to go to court but as a witness rather than as a defendent and paying a lawyer $200 per hour to sit beside him.

    I don't know how many of us would have been smart enough to not shoot but hopefully it would be most. He had the robbers car and some good information so let the police take care of him for at least a little while.

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