How young is too young?
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Thread: How young is too young?

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    How young is too young?

    I wanted to ask everyones opinion on this issue. At what age do you think it is appropriate to take your son or daughter to the range for the first time. Everyone I have ever asked seem to have a different age in mind. I wanted to hear what you guys had to say about it.

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    I first received and started shooting my first .22 at age eight. Of course, I was only allowed to shoot with my father or mother present.
    As an adult now, that seems like the age when maturity and impressions can be formed. IMHO.

    John C.

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    I think it depends on the child but somewhere around 8 to 10 seems about right in most cases.

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    I'm on the early end of the curve here. I bought my kids 'Chipmunk' mini-22s at 5 years old. Those are single-shot rifles that must be cocked manually and small kids aren't strong enough. They learned to shoot sitting in my lap. Good memories!
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    I would have to say when they are ready.At first this may not seem like an answer at all,but it is the most correct one.All children are different and some are ready earlier than others.It depends on the child's level of maturity and how well they can comprehend the dangers of using a firearm and how responsible they are.And this is an individual thing that varies from one person to the next.
    Did I complicate the issue enough for you?I didn't mean to.
    I hope I helped.
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    Well if you guys looked at my photo album you would see my son on his first outing at age 12. I think 8 or so is fine but, he had no interest back then and now he can take down my M&P and clean a Mossy 500.

    Soon as I get an AK he'll learn that one as well. Am I a freak? I don't think so. I just feel like he's as big and strong as a grown woman and if anything happened to me I would hope he has the ability to defend himself whether it be with a big stick or if needed, what ever firearm is available to him.
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    That's easy...when they are able to keep their ear/eye protection on. ;)
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    I'd have to go with the 8-10 year old range depending on the child and only with adult supervision. Unless of course, you're one of those hillbillies (like my father), who went out hunting in the hollers for the family food at the age of 6 while granddaddy worked the coal mines. Glad I got me an eda ma kation an is an engineer.:03:

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    I was just a pocket knife...

    Not yet a samurai, at the tender age of 10 when I had my first 22. My Dad didin't give me my .410 until I was twelve. But even then, I was practicing with a 30-30 at our deer camp. I let my sons fire their first rounds when they thought they were ready(but not without a safety lecture and my undivided supervision). My oldest was about fifteen when he shot my T/C 14" 45-70 handcaonnon for the first time. He said it hurt when it kicked, but he still fired again...
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    Thank you all so much for all your feedback. You have been very helpful. I really appreciate all of your information. My son is 6 and I know he is not ready yet, however I was trying to get a feel for what age is normally a good one to start out. He seems a bit interested but I don't feel he is ready. I have talked to him about safety, but the attention span at 6 isn't the greatest. In time I think he will be ready for his first little .22lr Rifle.

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