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Thread: Would you buy a Glock if it had a safety

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bighouse Doc View Post
    It is absurd to carry that way since the Walther was DESIGNED to safely carry with a round in the trigger!

    I you ever need that gun, you might as well not even carry it since after it is taken from your dead hands, it will end up used in a crime somewhere!

    Doc, all i can say to your comment and posted video is "The 21 Foot Rule"

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    Manual safties don't set themselves, hence the word "manual". If somebody is dumb/negligent/ignorant enough to discharge a firearm in a dangerous manner, then they have obviously neglected to engage the safety. What makes anyone think these folks will be smart enough to engage the safety in the first place??
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    As many fellow posters already know, I am a dedicated "wheelgunner" and maintain an ample armory of S&W revolvers. However, I did try a stint at Law Enforcement and retained a Glock 22 (.40S&W) for years. After a bout with a tornado and a near miraculous survival of that weapon I have an obsession with owning at least one Glock if the "Zombies" come. I currently have a Glock 23, although I normally pocket carry a S&W 642. An obvious answer to the "reckless and dangerous" 5# trigger is to not have that trigger. I have installed the NY#1 trigger in my G23 and it now has a trigger that duplicates my revolvers. I don't need a "hair trigger" because the weapon is not for target work but SD. At anything less than 25 feet (my "don't shoot-hide!" distance) I can keep all of my shots in a 5" circle. This more than adequate for Self Defense. Thus the drill for my Glock, with one in the chamber, is the same as my revolvers.
    Draw with finger indexed along side of frame.
    Put finger in trigger guard when ready to fire.
    Fire (several times preferably)

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  6. Your finger is the safety

    Quote Originally Posted by bob16066 View Post
    A Pistol with a 5lb trigger pull and no safety is pure negligence. Period.

    I don't understand how anyone could argue otherwise.

    How did we become so negligent that the subject is even up for debate?

    The Glock accidental discharges are going to be the final Nail in the Lawful Concealed Carry Coffin.

    If you carry a Glock with a round in the chamber: you are a danger to yourself and others and I would really appreciate it if you would stay far away from me.
    It's already got three safety mechanisms. It's impossible to fire a Glock unless you pull the trigger. Your finger has no business being on the trigger unless you want to fire the weapon. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire. It's that simple. No 4th safety device will protect you from yourself if you don't follow that simple rule.

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    My glock is safe enough as it is...even with one on the chambers so I do not need a safety for it.
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  8. They already have 3 different safeties. How many do you need? You can't fire the thing w/o pulling the trigger and if you are pulling the trigger that's what you want to happen OR you are breaking a critical rule of firearm safety and have your finger on the trigger when it shouldn't be there. No number of safety devices is a substitute for common sense.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Psyk00diver View Post
    Doc, all i can say to your comment and posted video is "The 21 Foot Rule"
    And the result obtained in the video is obviously better than would be expected in the real world since the 'victim' knew she was about to be attacked and the attacker had no true element of surprise. Expect worse in real life.

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    Glock safety/accidental discharge

    After 35 years of shooting, the Glock M36 is the best defence weapon I have ever owned. I always have a round chambered and will never carry a wheel gun again. Glock goes to work right out of the box-OEM. I put a barsto barrel in mine as I prefer the fully supported caseing. The world uses Glock so whats wrong with you? perhaps you need a safety course-again!. I see you at the range, thank God for a range master on duty. Many shooters are unsafe with a ball bat. Its the owner who needs work not the pistol.I CCW to stop injury to myself/family/others- when it hits the fan its childish to think you will have time to jack a round. I only CCW for one reason, I only have one opportunity to drop you

  11. The only way they are going to be negligently fired is if the trigger is negligently pulled. If you are going to carry with an empty chamber it's highly questionable whether you are carrying a gun or a club.

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