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Thread: Would you buy a Glock if it had a safety

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    I carry a glock because there is no external safety. Conduct a little home experiment. Take a gun, load it, charge it, take the safety off, and put it on the table for: an hour, a day, a week, a month, a year. Let me know what happens. Does it go bang? Didn't think so. Keep your sausage finger away from the trigger and it won't fire.

    I don't know about you but when I need to shoot, the less steps to make it go bang the better. I'm not about to have to worry about a manual safety.

    As far as carrying without a round in the chamber.... Do us all a favor and sell me your gun because it's useless. "Oh hey mr man robbing me. Give me a second to rack the slide so I can shoot you...ok thanks, now game on." NOT.

    If you can't carry a gun with a round in the chamber and without a manual safety, maybe you need to go retake your CCW course and pay more attention to the firearms safety block of instruction. You pulling an empty gun will do one thing: get you killed by someone smart enough and skilled enough to carry loaded.

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    I have also carried my 26 since day 1 *hot* with a CCW in the pants holster! Never an issue I even cycle my rounds for each carry day! Never misfired 1 round!

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    Quote Originally Posted by yella615 View Post
    I even cycle my rounds for each carry day!
    See, it's mumbo jumbo like that and skinny little lizards like you thinking they the last dragon that gives Kung Fu a bad name.
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  5. glocks have 3 internal safetys, if you learn proper gun edicate and keep your finger off the trigger you can't shot yourself

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    Quote Originally Posted by dmaxx3500 View Post
    glocks have 3 internal safetys, if you learn proper gun edicate and keep your finger off the trigger you can't shot yourself
    The manual safety is right between your ears. But then again dmaxx3500, you obviously already knew that. The trigger on a firearm only serves one purpose and that is to make it go BANG! It's not some convenient resting place for your finger so that you can look "gansta" with your finger unsafely on the trigger while you pose for all your homies.

  7. the only time ive had a problem with a glock,was at the gun range,when changing types of guns,theres a small take-up on the glock trigger and you have to think on the first shot,but thats not a problem on carring one

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Glockdude View Post
    The best safety is between your ears
    Got that right ;) glocks rule!

  9. Glock's have triple safety and I carry a Glock 36 in the appendix position. Much safer than a 1911 with a safety. Seriously not even close. If you can't safely carry a Glock, there's no pistol safe for you to carry.

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    Glocks have a funky grip angle that just doesn't suit me.

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    Everyone has an opinion about Glock safeties and I doubt there will ever be a meeting of the minds. For those who would prefer a manual safety on the Glock, Lone Wolf Distributors sells a safety that can be put on all models of Glocks. The Siderlock Cross Bolt Safety is one that some might be interested in for that extra sense of safety. It costs $49.95 and is simple to mount on your gun.

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