Ammo for my XD Sub-Compact 9mm
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Thread: Ammo for my XD Sub-Compact 9mm

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    Question Ammo for my XD Sub-Compact 9mm

    New to the game, will be picking up my XD Monday. Looking for online sources for ammo. Looking to get 500 rounds for target and 50 rounds for protection. I have little knowledge in relation to brands of ammo. I have seen 500 rounds (target) for $110 shipped, but I do not know if they are any good. Thanks for any good input

  3. Walmart. Winchester white box. $20 per 100 hundred rounds. Can't beat it for price.

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    stay away from Russian ammo..

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    Sccy is the limit

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    If your local Walmart has any Federal Champion it's usually the cheapest as stores go. Otherwise, take a look at CCCammo and even better USAAmmo, the latter has 50x9mm 115gr FMJs (perfect for target practice) at 8.45$! Have not seen 9mm brass cased ammo below 10$ in some time...admitted, it's reloaded but even so. I have used several reputable reloaders and fired hundreds of rounds with no problems.
    (I am a Purchasing Manager, I buy things for a living. I may not be the greatest gun nut ever but I do know prices).

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    I have used hornady ammo for ccw gun for years. I was armored guard for a few years carried it in my side arm. I also use it in my mossburg 590 and smith ar15. You cant go wrong with it.

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    Federal Personal Defense semi-jacketed hydro shocks are good. There are many good self defense rounds out there. Consider using ammo that sounds okay if it is necessary to testify about them in court. Any ammo with something like "man-killer" or something similarly aggressive sounding should be avoided from a liability perspective.
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  8. Remington golden sabre(lots of leo use), winchester pdx1, federal tactical bonded or hst, speer gold dot, or any corbon stuff. These are the best or at least in the top 10 in the pd ammo realm.

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