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    Need ... want ... it's all the same

    I have to get Mitch Rosen (he is in Manch) to make me a holster for my Colt Anaconda. I should have done it while I still lived in NH, now I have to send him my gun if he doesn't get one himself UGH! Thankfully my buddy owns Manchester Firing Line so I can send it to him and have him drop it off for me. I had Mitch make me a mag pouch for my Kahr 40, talk about excellent workmanship! I will probably end up having him make me one for the SA Operator too but I am just can't part with that one long enough to get it done ... it's my baby LOL
    The Manchester firing line use to be partnered up with Belmont firearms/indoor range. I did not care for the firing line, I stopped in once about a year or two ago. It was jammed packed and the waiting time for a lane was unreal. I drive up to Belmont and shoot at their range. I drive up on Sundays and get there right at 10am when they open, get right in and get a lane. They are never really packed like the line is.

    I have used Blade-Tech holsters and UBG(Ugly Bald Guy) leather holsters, Nate at UBG holsters makes outstanding holsters. Starting price is 70 dollars, You can add reinforcement,shark trim and other cool stuff. I just ordered a holster from him for my new 1911.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ntg88 View Post
    Hey, I was just curious if that is legal to purchase a handgun
    Under your name and have your wife carry it? I have heard both that it
    Is legal and is illegal. Please clarify.. BTW very nice purchases. I just got a new lcp 380 for $290.
    Completely legal here in VA, no registration or permit required here either (except to conceal). Here the state only holds purchase records for 30 days because people without their CHP can only buy 1 gun a month. In the mean time if I want to loan it to a buddy or trade if for a pile of cash, no problem. It took a while to get used to the fact that I could meet a guy at a gas station hand him so cash and walk away with a gun legally when I moved here from commie MA. Ahh REAL America.

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