customer service is amazing.
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Thread: customer service is amazing.

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    customer service is amazing.

    ok, so ill start by saying that crossbreed holsters has some amazing cust. service. here is why.

    so i noticed a small crack in the kydex portion. I emailed them about it and what do they think i should do. (didnt want to bother them if it was not a big deal seeing as it was small). they replyed within 1 day and said to send it in and they will fix it at no cost. just pay for shipping it to them. so I sent it in last week 4/25/11. didnt hear anything sayin it was receved or anything ( no biggie) but i get the mail yeaterday 5/2/11 and in there was my holster...

    well it wasnt my old holster it was a brand new one!!!! talk about amazing. the best part was that the old holster had a crack about the size of your fingernail clipped off. pretty small, but i just wanted to share how amazing they at crossbreed holsters are!!!

    next time im looking for another holster or i have friends looking, they will be hearing about crossbreed holsters!

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    Good deal. It's nice to hear good stories about companies. Often we only post complaints. Thanks
    Alan, TN

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    Great to hear about great service. I called them a while back about buying a replacement screw as I had lost one. When the guy answered the phone I gave him my name and asked how much a replacement screw would be for my minituck. He said do you still live at (my address). I told him I did. He said ok that great. I'll send you a hardware set out today. I asked him how much? He told me not to worry about it. I thanked him and I hung up. A few days latter I get all the hardware used to connect both clips to the holster. A friend had almost talked my into a kholster, I've decided to give Crossbreed all my IWB business. I've already a gunbelt (with Velcro) ordered another minituck and I'm about to order another belt (without Velcro) and a supertuck for my Glock.
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    While I haven't had a need to rely on Crossbreed's CSRs, I can vouch for the quality and comfort of their holsters. I have been using a Supertuck for a 5" 1911 and am continually impressed with the simplicity of design and overall quality.
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