Kahr quality & reliability
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Thread: Kahr quality & reliability

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    Kahr quality & reliability

    I'm looking for, and know I'll get many, opinions on the quality reliability of Kahr semi-auto handguns. Mostly interested in 22lr, .380 and 9mm. Thanks to all who reply.

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    Got the Kahr p380 for my wife. I love to shoot it. It shoots like a big gun in a little body in that I can really feel the quality if that makes sense. The price in this case does reflect the quality. I think all the Kahr guns are of same quality. If you want a less expensive .380 check out the LCP. I have one of those. I also checked out the LC9 this past weekend. Not much bigger then the LCP with more features. The LCP is a consistent accurate little gun. Doubt this helped but just my $.02

  4. P40

    Been carrying my P40 for 10 years. Never failed me and I have nothing bad to say at all about Kahr. That's a bit more gun than you are talking about but I would buy my loved one a Kahr in a heartbeat, if that was the gun that fit them best.

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    Kahr quality

    Quote Originally Posted by larrys0227 View Post
    I'm looking for, and know I'll get many, opinions on the quality reliability of Kahr semi-auto handguns. Mostly interested in 22lr, .380 and 9mm. Thanks to all who reply.

    I have and LOVE a Kahr MK9, which is my EDC gun. It is a great gun in terms of quality and reliability, and I have yet to find a gun with a smoother trigger!

    Kahr recommends a 200 round break in period--personally, I think it prudent to do this for ANY firearm that you intend to carry.

  6. I carry a cw45 very happy never failed sold my Glock36

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    I have had my K40 for years and after its break in period it was combat accurate enough to replace my Star PD as my hot weather carry gun.
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    My Kahr P9, one of the early ones, has been flawless from the first round through 800 and is my all-time favorite carry gun. Thin, lightweight, dependable, accurate...
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    Go with a Glock instead.

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    I have a PM9 that has been excellent. This thing's accuracy is absolutely scary good and with a good holster it will dissappear under a shirt tail. Their customer service is good as well. The only thing on their P380 is that some of the early ones (I'm told) did not like standard pressure ammo - they ran better on +p stuff. I think Kahr has fixed that but if you get one with this issue I'll bet they will be happy to send you the newer recoil spring setup free of charge. Eaccents is right on the breakin period - this is necessary on any SD gun (especially an automatic - you may be able to get away with a shorter breakin time on a revolver).

    Ignore the Glock lovers. No doubt Glock makes a fine pistol (my next handgun purchase may well be one) but they aren't magical or anything. They are just a piece of equipment like anything else.

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    I have all the PM series and and a couple other Kahr's. My daily carry is my PM45 with my P380 BUG. One thing they have going is their coustomer service. Their no questions asked service is great! I've sent a couple back to them for repair and in both cases it was only a week turn around. Also they both came back with a free magazine in the case. Their quailty and feel is what sold me on them. If you decide to buy one the 200 round break in requirement is a must.
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