What kind of person supports gun control?
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Thread: What kind of person supports gun control?

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    What kind of person supports gun control?

    I found the following site. It is probably old and the info most of you may have seen before but it is pretty good. Can you say hypocrite?

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  3. In my limited experience, I have found that most people I've talked to who are "anti-gun" are just ignorant about firearms. Out of fear and ignorance (and too much Hollywood propaganda) they associate guns with bad people.
    With proper education, alot of these people (including some close friends of mine) change their mind.
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    It has always been my belief that a person has just as much right not to carry or own guns as anyone has to own or carry them. The problem comes in trying to force that belief, whichever side it may be, on everyone else. Laws that say you must own a gun are just as wrong as laws saying you can't own guns. It should be a personal decision and nothing more.

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    I agree with johioss. Most people that don't understand guns, or why it is necessary to have an armed populous; just see firearms as instruments of death. I can completely understand why an ignorant person who sees, in the news, shootings and gun related accidents, and assumes all guns and gun owners are dangerous.
    I really wish all those gun hating hippie liberals would at least consider the consequences of gun control.

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    To my way of thinking > Gun Control= Hitting Your Intended Target ,,,,,,,,,,, won't say what I think of the gun control liberals........... :=x
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  7. the person that supports gun control is a person who can't stand on their own two feet. They are fearful. they are democrats and they want gubberment in all aspects of their lives making decisions for them. They want the gubberment to take care of them. they want gubberment health care. they want the gubberment to feed them ect ect

    mark my words come 2009 say goodbye to all the semi-auto rifles (Bushmaster, Ruger Mini 14 ect ect) buy em up now

    join your local militia!!! while we still have some power...

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    I Beleive in making it hard and harder for criminals,mentaly disturbed,and kids to get there hands on legitimate guns,or guns period,But some people just take gun control to far like when they start messing with people that are ok to own guns.

    Edit:In other words,I like screening and background checks,and any other new way they might come up with to screen,to make sure their selling a gun to the right person.
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    IMO, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, including ones about gun control. I know people on both sides of the issue - and many of those in favor are more "set in their ways" than anything. I have a coworker who is blind, and although very self-sufficient (she has pointed out that she could be "sitting at home and collecting disability"), she dislikes firearms in a general sense.

    The end result is that we each know how the other feels, and I simply don't bring the issue up with her - there's plenty of issues we do agree on, and so we discuss those things.
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