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Thread: Hard time deciding what caliber, then what firearm.

  1. No matter how or what anyone tries to convince you of on caliber of choice, it's nearly irrelevant. Shot placement is absolutely key as is multiple shots. You simply cannot make one shot and think it's over. In reality a defensive shooter should put no less than 2-3 shots on-target in quick succession and they should be in the upper torso or head, it's encased in bone for a reason. Soft tissues of the stomach simply aren't going to cause enough damage to end it quickly.

    Bigger bullet means a bigger hole is accurate to a point. But if a hollow point clogs with material it's just another FMJ at that point and at that point size is irrelevant. So be selective about your ammo choice as well. Some conditions call for a traditional hollow point, others might call for a polymer tipped hollow point, last-ditch might call for FMJ.

    What truly is important is a hollow point opening up properly and doing what it's designed to do: create an altered damage path and altered pressure wave. All of that energy has to go somewhere.

    I'll be posting the info on where to find the caliber testing from Police Marksman Magazine from a while back if you'd like some of that information. The 38 being the least effective of everything in the test, but that doesn't mean it won't get the job done if shot placement is proper.

    Just a tidbit on the Bodyguard .38spl, I'd stay away from it myself. There are some really strange issues with that particular pistol that have me really concerned and I'd previously considered it for my wife. It's not even an option any longer due to the potential of a failure to fire at a critical juncture.

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    As I have said it before, a hit with a .22 does a lot more damage than a miss with a hand grenade.

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    Ah but a hit with a hand grenade is a win for sure...I'm going to go pick me up a grenade lol lol jk good point

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    I generally don't give advice on questions like this, but will offer a couple of things:
    1) My CC instructor (a few years back now) said he believed a revolver is better than an automatic for a women and I lean that way because very likely a women will carry in her purse so a wheel gun's size (thickness) is not as big a factor as when carrying IWB. And the revolver is probably a little safer from negligent discharge and easier than fumbling with a safety or racking the slide.
    2) Get the largest caliber the lady can handle - and I don't want to hear shot placement - that has to happen no matter what caliber it is.
    3) Hollow-point is mandatory because it is obviously more effective than ball ammo and as good as ball if it fails to expand (rare in soft targets). And if there are worries about the hole jamming up with material preventing expansion, get Federal Hydra-Shok (they also do a good job through windshields and car doors).

    So while I carry a .40 Glock with 180 gr Hydra-Shok (and going to Federal HST 165 grn when the Hydra-Shok inventory is used up), my general suggestion might be a .38 snubbie with +P - and I'm really against any caliber smaller (the .380 Car-Bon +P is 1000 fps/200 ft lbs 7" penetration and around 60% one-shot stop based on qualified testing). My apologies to the LCP folks.

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