Hard time deciding what caliber, then what firearm.
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Thread: Hard time deciding what caliber, then what firearm.

  1. Hard time deciding what caliber, then what firearm.

    I am looking at firearms for my wife and myself. I was considering the S&W Bodyguard for the mrs, but have been advised against the 380 due to the lack of versatility, stopping power and the cost of ammo. She doesn't care what she gets, and I believe bigger is better. She has shot 9mm numerous times and is familiar with it. That brings me to the firearm. Ruger TC9, Taurus Millennium, or KelTec PF9? She is ignorant as far as comfort goes, and is not very concerned for the fact that she wont be running thousands of rounds through it for the most part. I am just not sure which would be the best bang for the buck...............

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    My two cents- dont get the kel-tec. 9mm is a good caliber, but i agree simple physics says bigger bullet bigger hole. 380 is a good Backup not primary. Let her handle the different choices as much as possible and get whatever she feels most confident holding. Revolvers are naturally accurate but take lots of practice to master and be effective with, especially snubbies. Finally, if you miss your target caliber is moot. Carry what you are confident in shooting.

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    I wouldn't say that. I got my wife a S&W snubbie a couple of Christmases ago and while she was familiar with firearms, she was not "highly trained" enough to qualify as a "hot shot"...... but, DAMN, can she shoot that snubbie! All five in a teacup size area at 15 yards, consistantly. At five yards, it's one big hole.

    I AM a "hot shot" but it makes me envious she can shoot that well. So.... don't discount the revolvers, or their users.

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    go to KTOG.org to review the PF9. Notice that they have corrected all the early problems and will take back and fix/replace any older guns. Lifetime warranty.

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    Suggest you check out the Steyr M and S series. Everyone who has handled or shot my S9 has liked it.
    Cal vs model: I went to the gun show to buy a Steyr S40, but there were none there. My choice boiled down to M40, S9, and Cz100 in .40. 2nd round: S9 vs Cz100. 9X19 is cheaper than .40. S9 came home with me and I have never regretted it. Steyr pistols may be hard to find, but it's worth the trouble.
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    go to KTOG.org to review the PF9. Notice that they have corrected all the early problems and will take back and fix/replace any older guns. Lifetime warranty.
    Agreed. KelTec gets an undeserved bad reputation. I've had a P11 for ten years and it had served me well. A cop friend of mine carries a PF9 as his backup and he is VERY discerning in what he carries. He has had zero problems as well.

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    I have a Glock 40 and a S&W 380. I love the Glock but it is to big to carry in the summer very well so that is when I carry the Smith. They (S&W) came out with a new 380 I would really like to have, maybe someday. Anyway, go to a gun shop with a range and have her try out some different models so she can decide. Let her make the decision that way you won't get the blame if down the road she changes her mind. Good luck

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    As I am 99% sure she has never bought a pair of heals (or any shoes) before trying them on, I suggest taking her to a range that rent's gun's, let her shoot a few and then she can see what fits for her hands, recoil, and other like's and dislikes.

    As my wife just started liking to shoot and we decided that's what she will do. I've seen enough defensive shooting shows to know the only round that is not a stopper is a .22, and even those have killed more people than any other round. a 380 or .38 will go through appliances, car doors, furniture, it all. I think I would rather her get an automatic so she has a safety, but it's her decision. I'm confident that whatever she gets, it will be pink. <ug> LOL.

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    A nice smooth gun is a cz82. It's good for ccw and comes in 9x18. Look it up on youtube for a review.

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    I'll even the playing field and advise a 380. .380 +p in a vital spot will instantly stop someone, .45 in the forearm won't...find the right firearm in all aspects (firepower vs size [concealment and handling] vs confidence vs time of year etc)

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