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    Having bought and sold a number of guns online in the past couple of years, I have had the best experiences buying on and selling on The selection on gunbroker is vast because of the number of dealers/sellers. Like eBay, you need to be comfortable with who you buy from. Armslist produced more activity than discussion boards and forums and, because it is focused by market area, involved no shipping and no FFL's.
    Thanks Kudzu, will check out

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    I have had good experiences with I have a nearby dealer that doesn't stock many guns (he mostly builds tactical rifles for LE departments), but he's happy to be my transfer FFL. He charges a low transfer fee and the standard TN background check fee. I have also used him as my FFL when buying from Bud's. No problems with either.

    Bud's usually has the lowest price (but not always), lower than most dealers for new guns, and their price includes free shipping. (actually Davidson's) has a good selection and their sales actually go through local dealers who have already signed up to work with them. Prices vary a ot from dealer to dealer. I've seen $100 difference on the same $600 gun from one dealer to another.
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    I've used Gunbroker and GunsAmerica but only to find local (i.e. within driving distance) sellers. I won't buy a used gun or something from a private seller without seeing it firsthand. I drove 120 miles each way for my MAK90. "Driving distance" depends on how badly I want the gun
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    The hardware is the same, but the software is vastly different.

  5. I wouldn't buy a used gun either, but if I would I would use

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