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    Some "me" time ...

    Got to knock out a couple hours at the range yesterday. Took my HK, my S&W AR and my old marlin .22. I've been banging away the hours at work for the past few weeks so this was a welcome distraction. Afterwards headed home I had the windows down in the truck and was feelin good. Folks at the range are almost always fairly hospitable. There was this army guy there and he was teaching some other guys some stuff. I noticed he had about 3 or 4 AR type rifles and a smooth looking Remington bolt action. So I went over and asked if he could give me some pointers in shooting my M&P 15. He was very nice and helpful. We were all there till closing time and when we were packing stuff up he said he had a few rnds left over and asked if i wanted to knockem out . First time I got to shoot a .308 from an AR platform with a supressor. It was the perfect end for a refreshing and fun shooting session. Needless to say, best day I've had in a while.

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    Good Day

    We all need some "ME" time....

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    My brother and I went to the range last week on my day off and shot my glock for a good hour. It was the first time my brother has shot and he did pretty good. I was pretty impressed. I wish I could shoot more, but ammo is expensive and I have to limit myself to one outing every pay check, especially when im buying ammo for two people lol.

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